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Digital Engagement

Provide consistent customer experiences by engaging with consumers across chat, SMS & social, all Salesforce platform.
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Digital Engagement
52% of customers would switch away from brands that don’t personalize communications
With Digital Engagement, we can help you to optimize your service channel engagement to meet your customers on their channel of choice!
Eliminate the redundant silos effect with Digital Engagement
One platform
A single platform means four less platforms to manage. Save time & money thanks to an easier way to manage your IT budget.
Omni-channel experience
Blend your agents across channels within your contact center via messaging, calls, and chat providing a one stop shop for your agents to reduce toggling & to give them a 360 degree view of the customer.
Seamless integrations
Digital Engagement is native to Salesforce which allows seamless integration with Sales Cloud & Service Cloud. Helping  keep all of your communication streamlined across multiple channels.
Consistent innovation
Salesforce updates their Digital Engagement Platform three times a year, providing you with  consistent innovation &  keeping you ahead of trends.
Lower your costs
Goodbye traditional phone lines! Reduce your costs by adding faster, and less expensive, alternatives to voice calls.
Drive higher CSAT scores
There is nothing more valuable than providing your customers with consistent & personalized service, and CSAT scores will prove that.
Increase agent efficiency
No more drowning in a backlog of cases! By unifying your data, you are decreasing your agent handle time.
Resolve issues faster
Enhance and intelligently automate every single digital interaction with a Chatbot!
Deliver experiences
Personalized digital support, across every device and on any channel, will improve your CSAT score and customer retention rate.
50% deflection with Bots
20% Decrease in AHT
Outcomes we’ve seen
Increase in enrollment inquires
Decrease in agent handle time
Reduction in customer wait time
See Where We’ve Seen These Outcomes
Custom solutions to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you select, implement and customize the solution you need.
Trying to unify the multiple platforms currently hosting your digital channels?

Digital Engagement, a single platform native to Salesforce, provides a 360 degree view of the customer and eliminates agent toggling.

Looking to meet your customers on their channel of choice?

Digital Engagement includes, SMS, Web Chat, Chatbots, FB Messenger & Whatsapp, allowing for you to connect with your customers where they want.

Is your business scaling and looking to add AI into Digital Channels?

We can help! With a large network of resources, training, on one single platform, we can help make Digital Communicating easy.

NeuraFlash & your Digital Engagement implementation
We are digital experience experts first, and Salesforce implementers second. We are focused on product implementation and Digital Experience advisory when it comes to implementing a new channel within your Salesforce experience.
Salesforce Chat
Salesforce Chat
Host realtime conversations over chat
Use less expensive channels while still having real-time communication
Real-time Conversations & Offline Support
Connect with the right agent through queues or skills
Custom branding for your chat button & conversation windows
Salesforce Messaging
Salesforce Messaging
Available on every channel
Meet your customers where they want to be met and provide first class service while doing it
24/7 place for customers to contact
Online & Offline support
NeuraFlash supports the blended agent approach, enabling agents to take on multiple channels across one system
See past & future trends
Empower your management with in depth contact center reporting
Deploy on: WhatsApp, Facebook, Chat & SMS
AI added to your digital Channels
NLP, Complex Routing & more!
Customer Stories
A popular Social Media platform consolidates communication off of Zendesk & onto Salesforce
NeuraFlash helped this social media giant migrate off of Zendesk Chat and onto SalesforceChat for advertisement and business communications, ultimately increasing their efficiency and consolidating their communications.
A software company meets customers on their channel of choice with Digital Engagement
Our customer was looking to implement a solution that allowed for customers to get in touch on the channel they were most comfortable with. With Digital Engagement, they increased their customer satisfaction and automated appointment reminders, which made it easy for customers to get in touch.
A large University uses Digital Engagement to better support their current & prospective students
After moving their chat from LivePerson to Salesforce, this University was looking for a LivePerson equivalent within Salesforce, which included multiple custom UI components. We were able to successfully consolidate 2 systems into 1, while maintaining chat volumes. This increased CSAT rates to 98%!
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Digital Engagement