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Elevate your customer experience with Salesforce Bots for sales, service, commerce, or internal communications!
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Revolutionize customer experience with an Einstein Bot
Chatbots are a great way to engage with customers and provide automation opportunities to make experiences seamless, more robust, and extra personalized.
Personally engage with customers in real-time
24/7 Support
There is power in being able to provide 24/7 customer support, from anywhere, on any channel, at the right time.
Personalized messaging
Tailor your customers' conversations to give them the individualized experience they expect.
Reduced wait time
Your customers can say goodbye to being on hold thanks to the self-service an Einstein Bot provides.
Your bot can answer more than just common questions! This AI genius is able to pull on data reserves to provide users with instant answers to their questions!
Reduce AHT
No need to ever search multiple platforms again to answer your customer's question. Agents can leverage a single channel to find what they need quickly to reduce handle time.
Shift from phone channels
Shift your customers to digital channels, enabling agents to handle more customers at a time and utilize less expensive channels of communication.
Close cases faster
Respond to chats on a single channel, and give agents the ability to see full transcripts of past conversations, reduce toggling and eliminate the need to search multiple platforms for answers while communicating with a customer.
Collect relevant data
Collect the data that is relevant to your business and view it in an easy-to-read dashboard that empowers your decisions.
Use data wisely
Use data to provide consistent user experiences on your customers' preferred channels. Establish an on-brand experience for your customers', increasing their overall satisfaction.
Follow your user’s journey
Have the ability to see what your users do before and after they connect with your bot! By having visibility into what they click, how often they do so, and when they do it, you can effectively plan and map out the bot’s content.
Increase agent performance
Strong data can give you insight into how your agents are performing on the channels customers escalate through.
Increase deflection
Empower your customers to find the answers to their questions on their own or give them those answers using AI. Free up agent time, allowing the focus to be on more complex use-cases.
Route to the right agent the first time
Bot workflows allow collection of all the right data needed so that the customer can be routed to the right agent at the right time.
Reduce handle time
No need to ever search multiple platforms again to find the answer for customers! Agents can leverage a single channel to find what they need and reduce handle time.
Outcomes we’ve seen
Decrease in Escalation Rate
Increase in Case Deflection
Engagement Rate
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Custom solutions to fit the voyage you’re on today
No matter where you’re at in your journey today, we can help you select, implement and customize the service center solution that you need.
On a mission to provide better customer experiences?

NeuraFlash has helped over 150+ companies increase their CSAT score by building effective bots that focus on the end user and make experiences exceptional.

Do you need a solution for your overwhelmed contact center?

An AI Chatbot can fix that for you! We have years of experience helping contact centers transform to a more self-service business style, giving your agents a workload they can handle.

Already have a bot, but aren’t seeing results you had hoped for?

If bots are not implemented correctly, or well-maintained, you may not be seeing the performance you expected. At NeuraFlash, we are experts in building, implementing, and maintaining bots, helping you to reach your desired outcomes.

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NeuraFlash & your Einstein Bot implementation
Our unique NeuraFlash Bot Packages take your Einstein Bot to the next level. Not only do we have specialized UX, UI & Conversational Designers but we are experienced in all types of Bots, and our product suite allows you to provide the best experience possible.
Einstein Bot supervisor
Einstein Bot supervisor
See past & future trends
Unlock Einstein Bot AI
Enable full einstein bot optimization
Unlock automatic “learn-as-you-go” technology
AI-powered learning improves the bot with every interaction
Einstein Bot Insights Package
Einstein Bot Insights Package
Host real-time conversations over chat
View highest intent volume
Determine & improve your most successful flows
Built-in reports & dashboards
NeuraFlash UI Enhancer
NeuraFlash UI/UX Enhancer
Embed your videos, gifs & more right into the chat window
Provide a unique & meaningful experience
Embed Videos
Display your content in carousels
Communicate visually
Types of Bots
Adding a Bot to your website, portal, or app provides many benefits! We can help you select the type of Bot that is most inline with your business goals.
Commerce Bots
Commerce Bots
Help guide your customer through your purchase and support process.
Sales Bots
Sales Bots
Improve lead generation, follow ups, conversion rates, sales funnel, and more!
HR Bots
HR Bots
Automate simple internal tasks such as interview scheduling, employee referrals, PTO and more.
Service Bots
Service Bots
Handle everything from FAQs to troubleshooting, by automating simple tasks and service requests!
Customer Stories
Sonos implements a customer service bot to transform customer service & commerce experiences
Sonos was looking to deflect cases, enable better self-service for customers and reduce agent average handle time for chats. The Sonos chatbot reduces AHT, increases chat case deflection, shifts customers to digital channels, and improves CSAT score.
A large American photography company successfully surges in chat requests with an einstein bot 
A large photography product company receives a high number of live chat requests around the holiday season. NeuraFlash implemented a highly successful bot and continued the partnership by eliminating their pre-chat form, increasing customer self-service & implementing the bot on the mobile app.
NeuraFlash works with a popular, multi-brand retailer to fix, enhance & grow their three Bots
Unhappy with their existing chatbot, our customer considered removing it before NeuraFlash stepped in. With the help of our experts, they were able to recognize the true potential of a best-in-class bot, and we successfully surpassed their deflection and answer rate goals.
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