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Einstein Copilot

Your CRMs new best friend, helping to guide agents, sales reps and more to success while saving your org time and money.
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Your trusted AI assistant is here.

Your trusted assistant is here.
Give everyone the power to get work done faster so they can focus on their customers with Einstein Copilot. NeuraFlash has emerged as the premier partner, maximizing its transformative potential for businesses.

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Einstein Copilot brings teams from sales to service seamless assistance using protected data and AI to streamline processes, increase productivity and more!

Copilot for Sales

Close Sales Quicker
Provide comprehensive sales summaries
Gain instant access to associated account information
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Copilot for Service

Faster speed to answer & case closure times
Effortless retrieval of key account information to increase personalization
Higher customers satisfaction rates
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NeuraFlash & AI by the numbers

Our dedicated outcomes practice extends their expertise to AI, ensuring you see tangible results.
Reduction in
case escalation
Improvement in
case wrap time

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NeuraFlash's industry tailored prompts and actions increase the value of Copilot for your business and industry needs allowing you to make the most out of your Einstein Copilot investment and bring undeniable ROI to your business.
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Your most asked questions - answered.

What is Einstein Copilot?

Einstein Copilot is a customizable AI assistant that appears on a panel in a user's Salesforce interface, accompanying them across different screens to become a valuable companion for your agents and representatives. Users can ask questions in everyday language and get answers based on their CRM data and, if desired, other linked information. 

Does Einstein Copilot work with Einstein for Service?

Yes! Einstein Copilot is one part of Einstein for Service and works with other Salesforce solutions as well like: Data Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and more! 

Why do I need an implementation partner? Isn’t it easy to do myself?

GenerativeAI solutions are great but expert knowledge is always important. Working with a team dedicated to not only knowing generativeAI but business process solutions as a whole and other accompanying technologies ensures that you see results and ROI from your new investment.

Can Einstein Copilot integrate with other solutions? 

Yes! Einstein Copilot is built to help sales teams, service teams and more. It integrates with already existing solutions to provide maximum business benefit. Interested in learning more? Ask about our AI for the contact center and AI for sales offerings.

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