Salesforce Einstein Analytics (WAVE) Solutions

Enhance your data analysis with the power of storytelling
Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the Analytics space. By partnering with NeuraFlash, you get to work side-by-side with our group of certified Developers, Consultants, Business Analysts, and Project Managers as you begin your journey to better explore your data.
Einstein Analytics
Tell a Story
Use aggregation and mining to tell a story on historical data: “What has happened?”
Utilize drill-down dashboards, data discovery, data mining and correlations to answer: “Why did this happen?”
Apply statistical models and forecasts techniques to predict outcomes: “What could happen?”
Leverage optimization and simulation algorithms to provide a path to success: “What should we do?”
Einstein Analytics
Integrate Analytics Across the Cloud
Empower your Sales team with the ability to manage forecasts, pipelines and team performance.
Improve your customer satisfaction by
maximizing agent efficiency and channel optimization. 
Create data-driven campaigns by providing marketers with insights on engagement, pipeline, and ROI
Einstein Analytics
Predict the Future with Data
Turn your data into actionable information using extensive regression analysis and several proven statistical models.
Leverage AI technology to give  users the power  of identifying trends, predicting future performance, and configuring actions directly from product.
By integrating Einstein Analytics with the new Einstein Discovery product, you can also maximize/minimize variables, clean, and optimize data, ask interactive questions, and then export results directly to Einstein Analytics.
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