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Introducing NeuraFlash Desktop for Amazon Connect

About this Video:

Discover the power of NeuraFlash Desktop for Amazon Connect! 🚀 This native solution seamlessly integrates with AWS, maximizing workspace efficiency while expanding capabilities.

Join us as we explore the agent experience:

🔍 Access NeuraFlash Desktop directly within the agent workspace.

📊 Monitor real-time metrics and handle calls efficiently.

💬 Sync status with Microsoft Teams for seamless collaboration.

📝 Take notes, view historical metrics, and analyze call data.

🔎 Utilize Recent Activities for a snapshot of contact activity.

📞 Customize outbound caller ID and voice messages for improved connectivity.

With NeuraFlash Desktop, agents can enhance customer service by quickly responding to missed calls and accessing past call history. Plus, admins have full control over feature access for their teams.

Transform your contact center experience with NeuraFlash Desktop for Amazon Connect! Contact us to learn more and optimize your agent experience today.

April 27, 2024
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