3 Ways to Create a Spooktacular Contact Center

October 19, 2021

Looking to boost agent productivity during these autumn months?! Here are three tips to making your Contact Center a treat, not a trick, this Halloween season!

  1. Use Data-driven decision-making to fuel growth

Empower your team by making informed decisions based on your Contact Center’s wicked data and metrics. For the most effective and efficient service, use performance data to find the areas where your team excels and where you're falling short. Clearing the fog surrounding the performance metrics you care about will help you to create a plan of attack to expel the demons of your Contact Center. Additionally, forecasting using historical KPI data can be the equivalent of seeing the future through a crystal ball and can help you accurately staff and assign the right agents at the right time!

  1. Ensure your agents can deliver amazing customer service experiences

Although this may seem like an obvious call-out, agent training is a key part to running an effective Contact Center. To avoid cobwebs from forming, training should be continued throughout the agent journey! Keeping your agents engaged not only increases retention rate, but it also keeps the ghosts out. By utilizing Salesforce Workforce Engagement, you can equip agents with on-demand training and schedule the right agents at the right time while giving employees the flexibility needed to stay happy and productive!

  1. Invest in technology to positively impact your Contact Center

Investing in technology is a great way to keep your Contact Center from becoming a house of horrors! It is the key supporting element every Contact Center needs to make a stellar transformation. Technology gives you the ability to automate processes, saving you time, money and energy. Good technology isn’t witchcraft, but it does make talking to customers easier, has a large impact on agent handle times and can decrease operational costs! Although it can be a bigger upfront cost, it pays off in increased efficiency, productivity, satisfaction and engagement rates. It is the one tool that can truly take a Contact Center from spooky to spooktacular.

Do you need someone to help you brew the perfect potion for your Contact Center needs? Here at NeuraFlash, we have all of the ingredients to provide you with solutions for your unique business challenges. Our team is made up of dedicated, hands-on Contact Center transformation experts.

To unearth more information about Contact Centers and NeuraFlash, explore our scream-worthy website or request one of our magical demos!

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