Kayleigh May
Feb 3, 2022

5 Chatbot Trends taking 2022 by Storm

5 Chatbot Trends taking 2022 by Storm

We’re currently in the digital transformation era and chatbots have become an important tool for businesses as they look to strengthen their digital presence for one-to-one customer engagement. Customers expect to reach your brand with a simple click of a button, at any time and from any device!

Chatbots will be more human-like 

We are already seeing the impact conversational AI has on chatbots. Additional conversational AI will lead to more personalized experiences for customers, improving customer satisfaction and contributing to more customer loyalty along the way. Sentiment recognition is a growing trend and technology that will allow chatbots to respond to users depending on their perceived mood. Additionally, Multilingual NLU, is another important factor that will contribute to a bot’s success. Every language has its own nuances and meanings, so as chatbots continue to advance, the ability to understand multiple languages is vital to providing the customer with an exceptional experience.

Why is all of this important? Digital fatigue is REAL and poor chatbot experiences only make this worse. A positive chatbot experience can help to alleviate the customer's hesitations to reach out to customer support and improve overall satisfaction. 

Voice bots are the new IVR on the rise

Here at NeuraFlash, we have seen what the tremendous power of voice bots can do to make an organization's wildest AI dreams come true. With the rise of ``ok google” or “Alexa tell me what the weather is'', interacting with voice bots is becoming even more natural and has become a part of everyday life. On top of that, voice is the preferred channel of contact for customers in the UK and US. In 2018, a Forbes article stated that more than 50% of searches by 2022 will be voice-driven!

There will be increased analytics and insights with chatbots

Harnessing the power of data and insights can be tricky, but never fails to be powerful. Data tells a story about your consumers and helps you find out what really matters. Chatbots will continue to allow businesses to track data, such as customer problems or sentiments, that can help to increase overall performance. In 2022, chatbots will be even more precise in identifying keywords, preferences, and even satisfaction with consumers. The integration of real-time data with historical data patterns allows businesses to easily identify future business needs and adjust accordingly. Chatbots help to collect that real-time data and contribute to smarter, more efficient contact centers. 

Chatbots will be integrated with social media

The integration of social media and chatbots has already begun. The number of conversations that are occurring on social media is increasing as the platforms become more of a forum for conversations. Additionally, platforms like Instagram continue to expand into platforms for businesses to sell through, in addition to promoting their products. Conversations between brands and customers already happen with automated chatbot systems, and social media is another platform that is primed with consumers ready to ask questions and engage with brands. 

Chatbots will be able to handle payments and payment processes 

Chatbots are becoming the new norm and automating many business processes already. As more people begin to trust AI, organizations will be expected to have an automation set that takes away simple tasks, such as entering payment information. Chatbots will be integrated with a number of payment gateways, such as PayPal. “Pay my bill” might start popping up as a menu option on more and more chatbots who are ready to help make transactions even easier for customers. 

Look out for these trends and more in 2022! 

Do you have questions about what a chatbot can do for your business? Or how staying on top of the latest AI trends can add value to your digital presence? At NeuraFlash we are experts in the AI and Digital Contact Center space. Get in contact with us at: contact@neurflash.com

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