A Seamless Path to Cash Journey: all built on Salesforce

With the power of Salesforce Field Service & Salesforce CPQ, you can take advantage of automation to make managing your work as efficient as possible while investing in one connected journey to sale!
The Outcomes
A Seamless Path to Cash Journey: all built on Salesforce

There are two sides to every story - sometimes even three. The average path-to-cash transaction is no exception. From the customer to the dispatcher to the technician and beyond- multiple people are involved in each aspect of delivery, servicing, and selling opportunities. All three are permanently intertwined.
Let’s explore what this would look like with a system that is as interconnected as the people involved in the process - Salesforce.

All three have different goals - all three are connected by one common issue & in the end - one seamless technology suite.

EVALUATION | Salesforce Experience Cloud

The story begins with Greg, who is dealing with HVAC system problems at the property he manages. Fortunately, he knows that he can quickly resolve this issue by visiting the manufacturer's website. By utilizing Experience Cloud, Greg can open his own ticket & access information about past installations, future servicing, & other critical details. Without much thought, Greg easily navigates the platform & requests a quote, all within a single, user-friendly interface.

QUOTE CREATION & DECISION TO BUY | Salesforce Experience Cloud

Upon arriving at the quote request process, Greg feels confident about the estimate provided. He proceeds to verify his address, but since he manages multiple buildings, he requires servicing at several locations. Fortunately, the system can accommodate his request, allowing him to select as many addresses as he needs.
The outstanding service Greg is receiving extends beyond the initial contact, as the system prompts him to choose the products and/or services he believes he will require once each address has been confirmed as within the service range. Satisfied with his selections, he returns to the quote page, where he can clearly see the anticipated costs, including any additional fees or maintenance warranty contracts.

Before completing the process, Greg needs to leave a note for the field worker who will be coming to his building. Fortunately, there is a clearly designated space for him to do so. Having already been satisfied with the options he selected & the quote he received without any agent interaction, Greg finalizes his choices & immediately receives a notification on his phone - a copy of his receipt has already been sent to his inbox.
The process was so seamless that Greg didn't have to second-guess any of his decisions. He never felt pressured into purchasing additional products or services, leaving him with a sense of satisfaction about the simplicity of the experience & his ability to address his HVAC issues promptly.

| Salesforce Revenue Cloud, Salesforce CPQ

While Greg was seamlessly creating his own work order without once picking up the phone - let's take a look at what our dispatcher, Cindy, has been up to today.

Cindy is working out of Salesforce, specifically Salesforce CPQ. As we know, Greg has decided to move forward with his purchase. Cindy now has to dispatch her team to fulfill his orders, and all within one dashboard she can:

1) Visualize product information
2) View key site information
3) And access timing requirements

Cindy recognizes the importance of ensuring that the technician & dispatcher arrive at the worksite on time with the appropriate equipment. With a clear understanding of the job requirements, she navigates to an interactive Gantt chart that displays the availability, skills, & knowledge of the technicians and dispatchers. The system has already assigned the job to Andy based on the established criteria. Cindy reviews the appointment schedule to determine if she needs to make any changes, but it appears that Andy is the best fit for the job. She accepts the system's automatic suggestion & moves on to her next task.

| Mobile Salesforce CPQ Quoting

The storylines of Andy & Greg converge as Andy arrives at the parking lot of Greg's building. With a quick scan of the property, Andy recognizes areas that require additional servicing. Upon examining the HVAC system, he identifies parts that need replacement. Without delay, Andy uses his phone to access Salesforce CPQ & create a new quote for the added work, which he discusses with Greg on the spot.
After reviewing the new quote, Greg agrees to the additional work & the associated cost. Andy doesn't need to schedule a second appointment, & he begins working immediately. Once the job is finished, he takes a photo of the completed work, and the system automatically generates a service report. Andy hands the service report to Greg, who signs it on Andy's phone to confirm the successful installation & repairs.


For now, this is the end of our story. Our three team members have completed their individual journeys, but their work has left a lasting impact.

  • Greg's HVAC unit is now fixed, & his tenants are satisfied. He has confidence in the company he worked with & will not hesitate to reach out again if he requires further assistance.
  • Cindy has efficiently managed her team & their schedules, thanks to the helpful insights & effective routes provided by the system.
  • As for Andy, he has not only provided exceptional service that keeps customers loyal, but he has also upsold additional services on the spot, contributing to the company's growth & success.

Salesforce enables a connected experience by integrating processes & connecting people, resulting in smooth operations & seamless communication. This system facilitates upselling in the field, quick decision-making, efficient routing & scheduling, & ultimately provides exceptional service while reducing revenue leakage & increasing efficiency.

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