ONE & their Transformative Service Cloud Voice & Amazon Connect Deployment to Improve Customer & Agent Experiences

ONE partners with Salesforce, AWS, and NeuraFlash to enhance their agent and customer experience with Service Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect
The Outcomes
ONE sees a reduction in operational costs & an improved customer experience with Service Cloud Voice. ONE was in need of a robust case management solution for agents globally & a native telephony solution to streamline team communication across departments.
ONE & their Transformative Service Cloud Voice & Amazon Connect Deployment to Improve Customer & Agent Experiences

A Transformative Deployment to Improve Customer & Agent Experiences

Products implemented: Service Cloud, Service Cloud Voice, Amazon Connect

About Ocean Network Express (ONE)

Based in Singapore, ONE is a logistics and supply chain company and is the sixth-largest container carrier in the world, with a global fleet of over 250 vessels spanning across 100+ countries.

Overcoming Challenges in an Experience Economy

As Sujith Abraham, SVP and GM Salesforce ASEAN, highlighted in a 2021 press release, “the pandemic made digitizing customer service imperative." With customer satisfaction an ever-important priority for ONE, they knew they needed to move away from their old system that resulted in limited support and an inability to serve their customers to their standards. Not only were they missing a robust case management system, but they lacked the ability to serve customers on the channel of their choice, which negatively impacted the overall customer experience. 

ONE & Salesforce | A Spark of Innovation

The shipping and logistics industries were some of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is what sparked ONE to search for a solution that would elevate their contact center operations. They turned to Salesforce, knowing they needed a powerful, all-encompassing system that would bring their contact center to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness, while integrating seamlessly into a greater CRM.

Considering the Customer

As the partnership began and discovery was in full swing, it was clear that ONE’s biggest focus was top-notch customer experiences. Only those capable of delivering the most differentiated experiences could continue to win and retain customers’ loyalty in the ever changing market the pandemic set. By leveraging solutions such as Omnichannel, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect, ONE put their trust in their partner's hands to quickly, and effectively, interact with customers on the channel of their choice. After the company's explosive growth, ONE prioritized investing in powerful technology to be able to scale as quickly as they were, which is what drove them to choose Amazon Connect as their telephony provider. With the power of AWS, coupled with the experience Service Cloud Voice would provide their agents, ONE’s new system, ONE-force was born, and is already driving positive business impact!

ONE knew that Salesforce was the right choice from the start, according to Director of IT Strategy and Information at ONE North America, Jack Kinsey, with a list of “over 40 different key features and nice to haves, Service Cloud Voice checked all the boxes” and blew competing products and solutions out of the water.”
But having the right software is only half of ONE's story.

NeuraFlash, ONE & Salesforce | Going Far Beyond Technology

After working together, we had set 3 transformation themes for this rollout.

Invest in the Customer Experience:

Provide support with the tools to be the most effective, scale with technology and maximize the bandwidth of the current team.
Improve Visibility & Efficiency: Enable visibility to KPIs, and frictionless identification of enhancement opportunities.
Grow Customer Loyalty & Revenue: Drive loyalty and develop relationships with customers, improve customer retention and drive CSAT improvements.

Customer Experience is Key to Scaling Revenue Growth

ONE’s customer-first vision was brought to life as soon as the partnership began with Salesforce, NeuraFlash and Amazon Connect. ONE Force allows the company to have a single, 360-degree view of its customers' interactions and improve its understanding of customers’ key needs, therefore driving their team to a more solution-based methodology to scale the business. The possibilities of our collaboration were limitless, so let’s dive in to some of the results.

An Improvement in Visibility & Efficiency

NeuraFlash configured Salesforce to bring ONE’s North America Support Reps and Supervisors over to Salesforce which provided agents with better tools and visibility into customer data. Not only did we provide ONE with a unified call center experience thanks to Service Cloud Voice, but the Service Cloud case management solution provides their agents with the latest technology to stay ahead of the curve. 

NeuraFlash established a strong relationship with ONE right off the bat, and we were able to not only overcome ONE’s pain points, but we provided them with the thought leadership needed to support the implementation and advance their contact center - turning the implementation into a true partnership. Together, we roadmapped their journey by evaluating their current processes, their ideal future state, and how they were going to get there.

“NeuraFlash is proud to play an integral role in ONE’s contact center transformation. This is a transformative deployment that will improve customer and agent experience.” - Brett Chisholm, CEO & Co-Founder, NeuraFlash

Growing Customer Loyalty

ONE made an investment that they are going to continue to thrive with in the years to come. Their significant increase in efficiency has allowed them to serve their customers faster, leading to better customer retention. The power of Salesforce and Amazon Connect has given them the opportunity to scale quickly, provide clear phone service, gain a full view of their customer data- and at the end of the day, provides customers with personalized and consistent service.

Reaping the Benefits of the Implementation

  • Real-time voice transcription
  • Automation to populate records
  • Suggested actions and content with AI
  • Powerful reporting options
  • Ability to measure metrics such as case deflection, average handle time reduction, as well as performance metrics- a key area of improvement for their team

ONE chose to implement Service Cloud Voice because of its ability to harmoniously integrate with other systems! With Service Cloud Voice, ONE's AWS-powered telephony is now unified with their Salesforce CRM, allowing for a better agent and user experience.

Want to learn more?

Check out our webinar with ONE’s Jack Kinsey, Strategy & Innovation Director, Information Technology.

More about NeuraFlash

NeuraFlash is a leading AI, ISV, AWS and Salesforce Consulting Partner dedicated to helping customers transform their businesses. With expertise spanning across the entire Salesforce ecosystem including Service Cloud, Service Cloud Voice, Einstein Bots and Digital Channels, Field Service, Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Einstein Analytics, CPQ, DocuSign, Slack, and MuleSoft. We specialize in building AI powered experiences that transform and optimize the employee and customer journey.

Learn more about our company and what our partnership could do for your business by contacting us today!

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ONE sees a reduction in operational costs & an improved customer experience with Service Cloud Voice. ONE was in need of a robust case management solution for agents globally & a native telephony solution to streamline team communication across departments.
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