Kelsey Chisholm
Apr 13, 2022

Breaking into the Salesforce Ecosystem with NeuraFlash Academy

Breaking into the Salesforce Ecosystem with NeuraFlash Academy

If you're looking to break into the Salesforce ecosystem, this three-month program is the way in. We thrive on diversity of experience and ideas, and want to provide YOU with the experience, mentorship and tools to jumpstart your career here at NeuraFlash! Whether you’re a recent graduate or planning to change careers, NeuraFlash Academy is the place for you.  

Applications are officially live for our 4th academy cohort! To celebrate, we took a deep dive into the program, chatting with NeuraFlash's own Prashasya Srivastava -- program lead -- & Eric Meyer & Raven Owusu -- two NeuraFlash Academy grads.  

What is NeuraFlash Academy?

NeuraFlash Academy is a three-month immersive learning program designed to launch you into the Salesforce ecosystem. Fast-track your career in roles like Salesforce Consultant, Project Manager, Solution Architect, & more!

The best part? Leave the program with the tools & experience necessary to kickstart your career right here at NeuraFlash!  

Q: So, how does someone get involved with the Academy? 


“It is fairly simple to get involved with the Academy. If interested, you can dive into the world of Salesforce without having any prior experience. You can be a fresh graduate, ready for a career change, or have some curiosity about diving into the data world. But again, no prior experience is needed...& everyone is welcome to apply!”

Q: What type of candidates do you look for?


“We look for candidates who have at least a bachelor's degree, or even a master's degree, in statistics, math, science, or something along those lines. We can teach Salesforce, & we can teach consulting, but there is some level of technical experience we look for.” 

No STEM background, no problem.


“We have a lot of applicants who have different majors...or who have worked for five years in the world of computational analytics, or some other career. No matter what, there is potential to be a great fit.”

Q: What successes have you seen come from the program?

“In just three to six months, Academy graduates are getting recognized & are building trust with their project managers. PMs are excited about the new that is a success for me.”

Academy graduates have also been awarded 'Best Employee' & 'Best Rookie' by NeuraFlash!

In just 3 months, Academy attendees…  

  • Accelerated learning through classroom sessions & hands-on experience.
  • Earned multiple Salesforce certifications.
  • Worked alongside & have access to leading Salesforce & Industry subject matter experts.
  • Contribute to customer-facing projects, shadowing our expert Salesforce & AI teams. 

Insights & Advice From Academy Alums

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to get their foot in the door?


“We can teach you the technical stuff. The people who succeed at NeuraFlash are thoughtful, inquisitive, & self-starters; however you express that is up to you.” 


"It takes a lot of hard work, but it's very rewarding hard work because this is an accelerated program to get ramped up in just three short months. But, it's 100% worth it because you leave equipped to do the work that needs to be done without much confusion." 

Q: What were you doing before NeuraFlash?


"I was a field director & deputy campaign manager for a series of different races, including City Council, State Assembly, Senate & US Congress." 


"Before I was at NeuraFlash, I was at Verizon Media...I was doing IT & help desk work...I was there for just about three years, & before that, I was at Apple." 

Q: What was your favorite part of the Academy or biggest takeaway?


“Salesforce has made learning the platform relatively easy compared to many other software platforms. The Academy takes that foundation & provides an experience that really gets you to a professional level in a short amount of time.” 


“Our cohort allowed for me to meet different people at all different levels, & we had that baseline there. As time went on, if I needed support in something, I knew who was a really great subject matter expert to reach out to, & that initial communication was there; it wasn't such a cold contact.” 

Ready to embark on your Salesforce journey & join the NeuraFlash team? Apply for our Summer 2022 cohort here!

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