[Case Study] Blue Star Glass uses Amazon Voice Bot to increase CSAT & Efficiency

June 25, 2020
NeuraFlash Team

Customer: Blue Star Glass

Industry: Manufacturing

Products Used: 

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Amazon Connect
  • Amazon Lex

Blue Star Glass uses Amazon Voice Bot to increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity

Customer Challenge:

Blue Star Glass has over 400 calls per day for order and delivery status. Administrative workers are overwhelmed by phone calls that can be easily automated. Order status information was stored in a proprietary ERP system with no API. The technology to deploy a self service solution was cost prohibitive in the past

Solution Provided by NeuraFlash:

NeuraFlash designed and developed an Amazon Lex Voicebot on Amazon Connect that integrates to Salesforce Sales Cloud to automate order and delivery status. NeuraFlash worked with Blue Star Glass to integrate information from their proprietary ERP system to Salesforce Sales Cloud. Employees can now focus on higher value interactions (sales) rather than items that can be easily automated.



Call Deflection


Total reduction in agent time per day

Click Ember, the NeuraFlash Virtual Assistant to learn more about this great project! 
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