Casie Lemaire
May 26, 2020

FOUR reasons why NeuraFlash is a great place to work!

FOUR reasons why NeuraFlash is a great place to work!

FOUR reasons why NeuraFlash is a great place to work! 

At NeuraFlash, you work with cutting-edge technologies in a dynamic start-up environment where there is no limit to what you learn! 

One: Office Culture

No matter what NeuraFlash office location you are at, our fun and hardworking company culture shows. Our team members like to get together after work to help create relationships outside of the workplace. Some activities our team members have taken part in are Happy Hours, bowling, Sunday Brunch, axe throwing, Christmas gatherings, employee game nights and more! Being remote hasn't changed a thing! Although some of the activities have changed our employees are continuing to meet up through Virtual Happy hours every Thursday and game nights to help our team stay connected even with our current remote environment.

Our Virtual Happy hours also helps our remote employees connect with team members from all different locations! These times are for our employees to learn more about each other and relax near the end of the week. Although you might be remote, you have all the perks of being in our office!

Two: Recognition

NeuraFlash has company standups every week where employees will be recognized for their hard work on projects, learn about new initiatives in the company where employees will be asked to do spotplays, or just a general talk of where we are at as a company. We want to make sure all our employees feel knowledgeable about what's going on in our company.

Three: Company Retreats

NeuraFlash holds in-person company retreats at an off site location twice a year. This allows everyone to meet in person who normally do not work together and build relationships. Mixture of business and fun is important for our culture! Since our first company retreat of 2020 has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a 2 day virtual event.

Four: Career Growth/Learning Opportunities

One of the great things about working here at NeuraFlash is the opportunity for career growth and learning opportunities! There are lots of opportunities to learn with different team members and projects, and a chance to grow into new roles. There is a lot of visibility and transparency with the Leadership team who value their employees. 

Here is what some of our employees have had to say: 

  • “Great opportunities for career growth and challenging work.  The team is filled with very intelligent people who are incredibly supportive and go above and beyond to make projects and people successful.”

  • “Great place for someone to start their career and make a difference.”

  • “Fantastic place to work if you enjoy fast-paced challenging projects. Company is experiencing explosive growth and there is endless opportunity for learning and self improvement. The work is both impactful and gratifying, especially”

  • “Lots of opportunities to grow, learn and innovate. There is a feeling of family so we take pride in our NeuraFam!”

View our Career page for our open positions today! Hope you'll consider joining the team!!

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