Holiday Stress: Grocery Shopping a Ghost of the Past with Salesforce Field Service

December 9, 2021

The holidays are a time of year filled with love, family, and great food! With all the planning, shopping, traveling, and socializing, give your customers the best gifts of all: peace of mind and convenience. 

With holidays back on track this season, your customers and their families will be busy decking the halls preparing a holly jolly holiday season and coping with the stress that comes with it. From turkey to tinsel, help lower your customers' stress this holiday season by providing top-notch grocery delivery services with Salesforce Field Service.

While the pandemic spearheaded the large-scale transition to online grocery ordering, the trend is not going anywhere soon. According to a study performed by Coresight Research, “60% of U.S. consumers now buy groceries online, and the same percentage of these shoppers plan to do so at the same frequency or more once the COVID-19 crisis subsides (Supermarket News).” 

This mass adoption of online grocery consumption from time strapped customers is reflected in all the major players of online retail. Led by Walmart and Amazon (through their recent acquisition of Whole Foods) the digital shift stretches from the industry giants down to the smaller, regional grocery providers.

Broken down by major retailers, “increases in [grocery] e-customers from 2020 to 2021 [shows] Target at 28.3% (+5.4% from 2020), Costco at 17.3% (+2.1%), Whole Foods Market at 14.5% (+1.3%), Sam’s Club at 14.4% (change N/A), The Kroger Co. at 14% (+0.1%), Aldi at 10.8% (+2.6%), Publix at 8.7% (+2%), Albertsons Cos. at 5.7% (+1.4%), BJ’s Wholesale Club at 5.2% (change N/A), Ahold Delhaize USA at 5% (-0.3%) (Supermarket News).”

Online Grocery Statistics 2021

Looking forward, “online grocery adoption [is forecasted to] reach 55% of US consumers by the end of 2024 (Business Insider).” With over half of US consumers adopting online grocery shopping, grocery stores should be considering how they can make every delivery count this holiday season. 

Here’s 3 ways you can lower your customers stress by providing excellent delivery and making a trip to the grocery store a ghost of Christmas past with Salesforce Field Service 

  1. Provide more services for more customers: Be faster and help more customers by increasing delivery efficiency. 
  2. Be convenient when convenience matters: Be more convenient by providing delivery instructions for your team. Whether it’s no-contact delivery or special delivery requests, let your team give your customers the best experience possible.
  3. Decrease dispatch time and optimize scheduling: Get deliveries on the road faster and bring delivery teams home quicker by decreasing dispatch time through schedule optimization and communication via the Salesforce Field Service app. Utilize integrations to and track where your team is on their delivery routes in real time to make experience even better!

Paired with the expertise at NeuraFlash, the convenience doesn’t just end with your customers. From out of the box integrations to out of this world customizations and a CSAT score of 9.96, NeuraFlash knows how delivering a full service integration with a white-glove experience can take the bah humbug out of any delivery this holiday season. 

Schedule a call with our experts to deliver the best at-home shopping experience for your customers because let’s face it, there’s no place like home for the holidays.

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