NeuraFlash Monthly AI Review: May

Tune in to NeuraFlash's monthly AI Review to learn about the evolving world of GenAI, how it is impacting industries and businesses. Also, discover how you can get started while reading about real-world successes and finding tools to help you on your AI journey.
The Outcomes
NeuraFlash Monthly AI Review: May

Welcome back to our second edition of NeuraFlash's Monthly AI Reviews. We have exciting updates, programs and new insights to share! 

Introducing our GenAI Pilot Program:

Tired of AI assessments? We were too.

That's why we launched our AI pilot program, allowing our customers to get their hands dirty with the most exciting, industry-leading tool, Salesforce Einstein for Service. Program participants gain access to our expert team's guidance and support.

During this pilot program, we work closely with customers to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and success criteria. Our team will then collaborate with participants to identify and prioritize use cases and features that fit each business's unique needs, setting the stage for a successful implementation. The work doesn't end there. We will also create a release plan to guide the rollout of Einstein for Service within the organization. Following the implementation of Einstein for Service, customers will receive a comprehensive readout of their results and a detailed roadmap for the future.

Ask us for more information about our Einstein for Service Pilot Program and experience the transformative power of AI-driven customer service firsthand.

Predictive AI vs Generative AI. Both are powerful technologies.

Predictive AI: Predictive artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the use of machine learning to identify patterns in past events and make predictions about future events. For example, predictive AI can be very useful in the case of inventory management where it can use past inventory data and trends to make predictions about what the inventory needs will likely be in the future to help determine what should and should not be restocked etcetera. 

Generative AI: Generative artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability to generate new content to solve problems. For example, generative AI can quickly draft documentation and monitor regulation changes in the Financial Services industry. It is not looking at the historical data to do this but rather creating using existing content and checking to inform businesses of regulatory changes that they might not be aware of. 

Predictive AI? It's – reliable,  though it may not be as flashy as the innovative Generative AI, it still holds significant value. Enter Generative AI. Unlike its predictive counterpart, Generative AI thrives on creating new solutions based on acquired knowledge, igniting a revolution in automation and creativity. With its growing accessibility, Generative AI is transforming workflows, speeding up processes, and boosting productivity across various industries.

Story of the month: A Leading Media Company Expands Partnership with NeuraFlash to Invest in Predictive and Generative AI Solutions

Manual work is a bottleneck for many businesses, especially with heavy manual case management processes that hinder efficiency and overwhelm contact centers. This company was familiar with the challenges of extensive manual processes. Ready to elevate their operations, they sought to leverage new technology and AI to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. They needed an expert to help navigate the complexities of AI implementation.

During our discovery process, we analyzed the client's current setup to pinpoint pain points and opportunities for improvement. Their manual case management was bogged down with outdated options and fields, leading to inefficient strategies and frustrated agents. It became evident that they would benefit from both predictive and generative AI solutions. While established predictive AI could offer some relief through basic case classification, it lacked the transformative potential of Generative AI.

With extensive expertise in Generative AI and Salesforce, NeuraFlash seamlessly integrated Salesforce Einstein into the company's case management process, revolutionizing their operations. Unlike predictive AI, which relies on existing patterns, Generative AI like Einstein AI creates new solutions based on acquired knowledge, enabling more dynamic and effective case automation strategies. Our approach involves guiding clients through the restructuring process, setting up the foundation for AI integration, and ultimately empowering them to fully utilize the potential of Generative AI in their operations.

Industry Spotlight: AI for retail 

The value of a positive digital experience is not lost on today’s consumers, with 81% expressing a higher regard for brands that provide them. In the world of retail, with its unique challenges and highly competitive landscape, vocal consumers emphasize the importance of an easy digital experience. GenAI can address numerous common challenges, enabling businesses to deliver exceptional experiences by utilizing solutions such as context-aware bots. By tailoring responses according to individual preferences and needs, these bots enable businesses to provide personalized experiences that align with customer expectations. Moreover, with the assistance of Salesforce Data Cloud, agents gain access to valuable insights that can enhance customer interactions, promoting loyalty and satisfaction.

We can’t forget the agent experience either. In the fast-paced environment of retail contact centers, turnover rates often exceed 60%. Yet, advancements such as NeuraFlash's Agent GPS/Agent Assist, powered by GenAI, are revolutionizing the landscape. This innovative solution provides agents with comprehensive guidance, smart tips, and instant feedback, resulting in heightened productivity and improved customer satisfaction. Furthermore, in managing the intricacies of exchanges and returns, Gen AI automates various tasks, spanning from product registration to assessing fraud risks, thus simplifying operations and protecting profits. Leveraging Salesforce's Einstein Copilot alongside NeuraFlash's Copilot Accelerator for Retail, customized solutions guarantee heightened efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sales. Embrace the capabilities of Gen AI to deliver unparalleled retail experiences for your customers. Get in touch today to embark on a journey of transformation.

Learn more about AI in the retail industry by checking out these videos!

Learn how generative AI in all forms is changing the game for retail businesses across the globe. 

Explore one of NeuraFlash’s newest innovations! NeuraFlash stands out as a premier Einstein Copilot partner, offering industry-specific packages designed to enhance the value of Salesforce’s already prominent AI product suite.

Want to learn more about NeuraFlash’s retail experience? Check out some of our work! 

NeuraFlash & Reebok: the Power of True Partnership for Customer Success

Thanks for tuning in to our AI Monthly Review this May! We’re excited to see you again next month. 

Contact us today to start on your AI journey. 

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