Hyper-growth FinTech Startup Finds the Right Path Forward with Salesforce & Amazon Connect

A leading FinTech company revolutionized the industry, making it more accessible to consumers by uniting CRM systems, teams, and processes for an AI-powered Contact Center.
The Outcomes
This booming FinTech transformed their contact center with Salesforce & NeuraFlash, allowing them to successfully serve their customers and continue their explosive growth, serving 47,000+ cases a week and helping 41% of their customers through self-service!
Hyper-growth FinTech Startup Finds the Right Path Forward with Salesforce & Amazon Connect

Over the past two years, our customer's Digital Transformation has skyrocketed, and NeuraFlash has been there since Day 1!

About the customer:

Over 2,000+ employees 

Founded in 2012 

Products used: Service Cloud, CRM Analytics, Salesforce Shield, Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect, Einstein Chatbot, Experience Cloud, Amazon Lex Voicebots 

A leading FinTech company is revolutionizing the banking industry to be more accessible to consumers. Their “better way to buy” solution has made them a leader in the financial technology space. They work with over 207,000 active merchants and have a network of more than 12.7 million shoppers! The company was started because their founders didn’t agree with how credit card companies were luring customers in with perks, costing customers more money in the long run. Their mission is for their buyers to never owe more than what is agreed upfront, rather they always get a flexible, transparent and convenient way to pay over time. 

Customer Challenge: 

As the digital and mobile-first commerce industry continued to thrive, and rapid growth was approaching, our customer knew they needed to replace their home-grown CRM and Genesys systems to reach new heights and compete in a competitive market. With quickly changing business processes and regulatory requirements, they were ready to unite their disparate CRM systems, teams and processes. To prevent agent dissatisfaction and turnover due to dated agent tools, it was time to implement the AI-powered Contact Center they always imagined before their busy season was set to begin. 

The transition to Salesforce started after our customer began looking for new products to help improve visibility and the quality of data across departments so that they could provide better experiences for customers. They turned to NeuraFlash to design, implement and support their Salesforce and Contact Center transformation. 

“Thought leadership, credibility and alignment are 3 things that come to mind when I think about NeuraFlash. Our partnership on this opportunity exemplified this. No one knows Salesforce for Contact Centers and digital channels, especially Service Cloud Voice and Einstein Bots, better than NeuraFlash, and it earned the trust of the customer's team from the jump.” -Ryan McKone, Salesforce Financial Services RVP

A Contact Center Transformation: 

The partnership between NeuraFlash and this rapidly growing FinTech customer began in August 2020. Our goal was to identify and quantify real challenges that their customers were experiencing and take action on them to make this transformation as successful as possible. As we became one of their trusted advisors in this space, we helped them phase their transformation into three segments, successfully transforming their Contact Center with Salesforce Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Einstein Bots, and Service Cloud Voice, Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex. 

Our phased approach: 

Release 1: Self-Service 

Knowledge Articles and Einstein Chatbot 

Release 2: Total Service Cloud Rollout for US 

Case Management with Enhanced Workflow Automation on Service Cloud

Integrated telephony for OmniChannel routing of all phone interactions (Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect) 

Release 3: Authenticated Customer Self-Service Improvements and Community Experience 

Help Center and Chatbot, focused on Knowledge Self-Service 

~1,200 Agents transitioned onto Salesforce Service Cloud across all US, Canada, and Australia Support channels 

After unlocking the Salesforce platform, they rolled out Authenticated Messaging and Self-Service improvements. 

Today, fully launched with NeuraFlash, and focusing on their international expansion, our customer is leveraging real-time connectivity to take their service into the future. They are now live with Case Management, Experience Cloud and Service Cloud Voice across US, Canada, and Australia. The success they have had thus far is just one example of the company’s amazing transformation for the digital age. 

"NeuraFlash is an exceptional partner, the level of professionalism and work has helped scale our system in no time. I have the pleasure to work with several individuals and it's been a great experience. I would highly recommend NeuraFlash to anyone seeking additional support or to overcome any challenges." -Customer


Innovation has always been important to this organization and now, with Salesforce and AWS, both supervisors and agents have access to valuable data, in a single platform. 

By partnering with NeuraFlash, our customer:

  • Rebranded the existing help center with 3 public communities harnessing Salesforce knowledge. 
  • Executed service processes to support all of their channels across 6 different front and back office teams through Omni-Channel. 
  • Implemented Service Cloud Voice across all US agents and added a complex IVR Voicebot for loan payment support. 
  • Provided complex self-service using Natural Language Understanding of the Amazon Lex Voice Bot. 
  • Deployed an Einstein Bot, focusing on top use cases and customer self-service, that now has 88% of customers engaged. 
  • Now services 20,000-30,000 cases weekly. 
  • Now has 41% deflection with just their FAQs alone. 

Salesforce and AWS quickly became a key piece of their digital transformation journey. These products helped their business to innovate their services and channels, and offer a more personalized customer experience. After overcoming the most important part of the project — replacing their home-grown CRM and Genesys system to reach new heights in a competitive market. — they are now continuing their multinational implementation! 

Creating personalized experiences is in our customer’s DNA. By pairing their customer-centric approach with modern savvy, it was no surprise that they perfected a total Contact Center transformation. From the very beginning of their implementation, they were actively positioning their company for the future. 

By streamlining their processes, it is clear that their teams are better aligned than ever before. Today, they have extended their partnership with Salesforce and AWS to deploy an Authenticated Community for Help and Support. By deploying a messaging resolution center, customers will be able to log into the authenticated help center to review their open cases, and connect directly with a support agent. Lastly, an implementation of a Live Chat solution will enable their support agents to service customers directly from the Help Center Community. As their digital transformation carries on, they will be continuing to roll out implementations for another wave of partners in the UK this October!

NeuraFlash for FInancial Services: 

With the combined expertise from two of our dedicated practices, specializing in Salesforce and Amazon Connect, we put the human experience at the center of every interaction, so businesses can resolve customer issues accurately, quickly, and profitably. When you are ready to reinvent your Contact Center, get in touch with us here!

Quick Facts
This booming FinTech transformed their contact center with Salesforce & NeuraFlash, allowing them to successfully serve their customers and continue their explosive growth, serving 47,000+ cases a week and helping 41% of their customers through self-service!
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