Casie Lemaire
Jun 10, 2020

Omni Routing for Service Cloud Voice

Omni Routing for Service Cloud Voice

One Central Engine for ALL Routing Capabilities. Enter: Service Cloud Voice & Salesforce Omni-Channel

What lies ahead for the contact center? 

The contact center is seeing major changes as the result of COVID-19 in which agents who were being asked to work from home are gradually transitioning back into the workplace. Companies within the contact center ecosystem need to reevaluate a strategy for optimal performance while taking into consideration the four main pillars of customer service. These pillars include:

  • personalization (providing the human touch), 

  • competency (customer service representative must have a strong knowledge of the company and its products), 

  • convenience (customers want to get in touch with a representative through whatever channel is most convenient) 

  • proactivity (customers want companies to be proactive and make sure that they are responding to their needs based on client history) 

What is Omni Channel Routing and why is it important?

Omni Channel Routing is going to allow for one central location to route all channels to the proper agents. It will also enhance the aforementioned pillars of excellent customer service. Before the Omni Channel came into play there wasn’t a cohesive and efficient channel or strategy. There was no centralized reporting that could allow agents to see all the customer information and attend to the customers in one platform. 

The contact center efficiency after the integration of the Omni Channel will improve tremendously. Omni Channel is going to better leverage the blended agent workforce for virtual and onsite agents. It is going to allow the agent to handle more than one type of interaction at a time, therefore increasing productivity within the contact center. 

Transitioning to a digital ecosystem has been a struggle for most industries especially those who were not already well equipped for this change. In the midst of times changing and adapting to the “new normal,” customers are expecting the businesses they are interacting with to be even more attentive and always there when they need them. Today's customers have rising demands of immediate service and personalization! Typically around 80% of calls need to be answered in a matter of 20 seconds, but as times have changed so has the need to adapt to this “new” digital normal. 

Now, more than ever, we need virtual call centers! Salesforce’s new product, Service Cloud Voice, can connect your phone channel directly into the Service Cloud Console, empower remote agents, and better serve your customers.

How is the power of Voice & Omni Channel Transforming the Contact Centers? 

With the power of omni-channel, agents can finally sync communication with customers across all channels. Service Cloud Voice will allow you to integrate voice with all of your digital channels for a 360 degree view, connecting agents, CRM, data, and integrations in one place for the first time. No more having to constantly switch to different channels or repeat any processes to make sure your customer’s needs are met! 

You can think of the omni channel as being traditionally two brains. 1 brain is for voice, formally known as the routing engine and the other is for chat, email, and digital engagement. We are now able to make this channel act as truly one brain. This dual functionality allows access to unified reporting and an expedited customer service experience. 

NeuraFlash: We are the voice experts! Let us help you leverage the power of Omni Channel today! 

At NeuraFlash we have been involved with voice and digital channels for 20+ years. We started in the original conversational interface -- phone conversations, but since then we have led the initial sales, development, and integration of the first digital voice assistants. We are the leader in Einstein Bots for Salesforce and now we are ready to take our expertise in all things Voice, AI, and Salesforce and apply them to a unified Call Center experience with Service Cloud Voice! 

Get in touch with us, and we will set you up in July! This launch will transform the contact center, and NeuraFlash is ready to quickly get customers going with all of the expertise and assets required!

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