Recent Developments in Amazon Connect and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS introduces groundbreaking features like Amazon Q, Barge-in for Chat Support, Outbound Campaigns Voice Dialing API, and more! These advancements aim to elevate customer engagement, streamline processes, and provide personalized experiences, revolutionizing customer interactions in the realm of customer service and technological innovation.
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Recent Developments in Amazon Connect and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to lead the way in revolutionizing customer interactions with the latest updates in Amazon Connect. We’re excited to bring you the latest advancements in Amazon Connect and AWS, designed to enhance the landscape of your customer interactions. Let's dive deep into the notable features and improvements that signify a significant stride forward in the realm of customer service and technological innovation.

1. Amazon Q: Gen-AI Powered Assistant

Discover the future of customer interactions with Amazon Q, the Gen-AI Powered Assistant. Amazon Q is here to engage in conversations, create content, and use personal information to drive, more efficient and personalized conversations tailored to your business. With 40+ built-in connectors, Amazon Q can help to personalize conversations, solve problems, generate content, take actions, and more!  Explore the possibilities here.

2. Barge-in for Chat Support

With Barge-in for chat support, Amazon Connect now enables contact center managers to join ongoing customer service chats, ensuring swift resolution of complex issues. Learn more here.

3. Outbound Campaigns Voice Dialing API

The Amazon Connect outbound campaigns voice dialing API is now generally available, it supports high-volume voice outreach, providing more options for effective communication and increased agent productivity. Find out more here.

4. Granular Access Controls for Historical Metrics

Introducing granular access controls in Amazon Connect, which is enhancing the management of historical metrics for businesses on Amazon Connect. Explore the details here.

5. API for Updating Contact Priority

Amazon Connect introduced an API to programmatically update contact priority, allowing businesses to elevate the position of a contact in a queue directly from your custom monitoring dashboards. Check it out here.

6. Routing Contacts with Agent Proficiencies

Enhance customer interactions with Amazon Connect's ability to create and use agent proficiencies for efficient contact routing based on expertise. Learn more here.

7. Zero-ETL Analytics Data Lake

Dive into the data seamlessly with Amazon Connect's Zero-ETL analytics data lake, providing easy access to contact center data. Discover more here.

8. No-Code UI Builder for Step-by-Step Guides

Amazon Connect unveils a no-code UI builder, making it effortless to configure step-by-step guides. This drag-and-drop workflow builder lets users easily manage the agent UI to create a number of layouts featuring dynamic and static content. Find out how here.

9. In-App, Web, and Video Calling

Elevate customer engagement with Amazon Connect's in-app, web, and video calling capabilities. This allows businesses to provide more personalized voice and video experiences while allowing customers to contact businesses without leaving the site or mobile app. Explore the possibilities here

10. Generative AI-Powered Customer Data Mapping

Revolutionize customer data mapping with Amazon Connect's generative AI-powered capabilities. This feature reduces the time needed to generate a complete profile, leading to faster, more personalized service. Learn more here.

11. Two-Way SMS Integration

Enhanced communication with Two-Way SMS integration in Amazon Connect makes it easier than ever to resolve a customer's issues over text, opening a new, convenient channel for your contact center. Discover the benefits here.

Stay ahead of the curve and take your customer interactions to new heights with these powerful features offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NeuraFlash! Embrace innovation and provide unparalleled customer experiences. 

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