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Aug 18, 2022

The Reimagine Tour

NeuraFlash’s Road to Dreamforce 
The Reimagine Tour

NeuraFlash’s Road to Dreamforce 

The world is ever changing. After a few years in the post pandemic world, business and customer expectations have had to rapidly evolve. Now, in the thick of the new normal, a fear of a recession, disjointed experiences, high cost, and labor shortages...businesses are being faced with the challenge of reimagining how they deliver service efficiently, strategically, and quickly.

Are YOU ready to REIMAGINE how to deliver exceptional experiences that result in real-time business savings?

The NeuraFlash Regimagine Tour is a connected series of content, webinars, campfires, roadshows and roundtables that will lead us on the “Road To Dreamforce” helping businesses like yours to REIMAGINE how you get to work amidst…

  • A recession,
  • Labor shortages,
  • Supply Chain Shortages,
  • & Less staff. 

Our series of events will be packed with knowledge, game-changing tips, and some inspiring stories of customer success and transformation to help you imagine more for your business. 

Check out our upcoming events here!

Looking to register for Dreamforce? It’s not too late!

As a leading AI & Salesforce Summit partner, our engineers, top specialists, and consultants will help you discover solutions tailored to your business. From simple support to complex digital transformation operations – we help you do more. Contact us today!

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