What can Salesforce Field Service & NeuraFlash do for your Service Organization?

If you’re not familiar with the product, Salesforce Field Service is an all encompassing Field Service Management solution allowing for companies to optimize their field service technicians schedules via an intuitive dispatcher console and encompassing mobile solution.
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What can Salesforce Field Service & NeuraFlash do for your Service Organization?

In the era of the connected customer, delivering a seamless, end to-end customer experience has never been more important. It can be challenging to keep up with the needs of your customers, and in today’s connected world, online contact and engagement centers are no longer enough — on-site support should be connected as well! If you are looking to enable your technicians to access everything they need on a single platform to improve productivity, increase visibility and elevate customer experience, Salesforce Field Service is for you!

So, what is Salesforce Field Service?

To put it simply, Field Service helps businesses to manage work tasks, of any kind, that need to be performed on location. Equipping and empowering your team to perform at their best is what makes everything better for your customers, and your business.

89% of customers want an “Uber-like” technician tracking service. -Salesforce

Siloed teams out in the field, poor resource allocation, lack of mobile support, and lack of integration with a CRM system can all contribute to the difficulty level of managing field service operations- and is a main reason why they turn to us for help!

What are the benefits of Field Service?

Do you want to drive simplicity and efficiency for your end-users- from dispatchers to technicians?

With Field Service you have the potential to:

  • Uncover MILLIONS of New Revenue for Customers
  • See a 50% increase in utilization and better distribution of work across technicians
  • See a 65% decrease in member support agent time spent contacting members and scheduling appointments
  • See a 40% reduction in manual processes

Don't get bogged down by the logistics of the day- implement a solution that will connect your service and sales teams in order to increase cross-team visibility, encourage customer loyalty, earn more revenue, and reduce overall costs!

See how our client Spirit Energy Services increased revenue with Field Service

NeuraFlash’s expertise and the Salesforce platform are a winning combination for success, and we were thrilled and honored to have our client Spirit Energy Services speak with us about their success during our webinar a couple weeks back. Spirit Energy Services is a full service environmental recycling company based in Nitro, West Virginia that provides recycling services to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States. Spirit Services specializes in the treatment of non-hazardous waste materials generated by various industries and municipalities. Included are the collection, treatment and sale of used oil, solids, and related services.

Prior to every project at NeuraFlash, we help define success criteria for an organization. To set the stage, Spirit’s Success Criteria entailed aspects of increasing the number of scheduled jobs per day, optimizing capacity utilization with respect to labor and truck capacity, increasing customer satisfaction & removing redundant manual paperwork.

From these KPIs, we worked with Spirit Energy Services to focus on the following key goals for their project:

  • Gain Visibility at every stage of the process 
  • Reduce redundant paperwork 
  • Combine multiple disjointed back office systems into 1 seamless solution
  • Increase number of jobs per day while optimizing capacity utilization 
  • Build customer intimacy and increase customer satisfaction
  • Create lean processes and utilize technology for scalability 

By setting these goals upfront, we were able to track the major benefits from our  implementation of FSL:

  • Creating greater efficiencies and being able to double their per load volume 
  • Simplified Follow-Up on Outstanding Manifest for billing
  • Dispatching Processing Time Decreased from 1 day to less than an hour
  • Simplified Daily and monthly Facility Inspections 
  • Zero missed appointments in 6 months

The implementation of Salesforce Field Service has also been especially helpful to decrease face-to-face interactions and sharing of paperwork during this time of social distancing due to COVID-19. Spirit Energy Services field technicians are able to leverage digital signatures on mobile devices and have shed themselves of sharing paperwork amongst teams and customers.

We were so thrilled to work with Spirit Energy Services on this implementation and would love the opportunity to connect on your field service management needs!  

Check out the full webinar on Salesforce Field Service here.

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