Bailey Ottley
Mar 11, 2021

What do Salesforce HIPAA compliant Einstein Bots mean for the healthcare industry?

What do Salesforce HIPAA compliant Einstein Bots mean for the healthcare industry?

How are chatbots shaping up the healthcare industry today? 

The future of healthcare is shaping up in front of our eyes with advances in digital healthcare technologies, such as artificial intelligence. Chatbots are a great example of these digital advancements. Chatbots are 24/7 AI enabled solutions that expedite communications and the exchange of information.  Chatbots provide instant conversational responses and make connecting simple for patients. When implemented properly, they can assist healthcare providers to surpass patient expectations and improve patient outcomes.

In accordance with the digital transformation we are all facing, patients and healthcare providers have become increasingly more comfortable using chatbots for self-service from devices such as Amazon Alexa, as well as across digital channels. With the vaccine becoming more readily available, contact center volume will continue to accelerate to its highest levels yet for health systems. This is why chatbots are becoming the foundation for helping to accelerate the treatment and care of patients globally.  

In fact, according to the global tech market advisory firm ABI Research, “AI spending in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries is expected to increase from $463 million in 2019 to more than $2 billion over the next 5 years. Today, AI-powered chatbots work well beyond helping frightened patients assess their symptoms and determine next steps: The technology has the ability to recommend treatments and schedule visits, among other things. And it can be an asset to busy organizations seeking to deploy staff elsewhere.”

What does it mean to be HIPAA compliant? 

To be HIPAA compliant means that organizations will keep people's healthcare information private. Keeping patient data safe requires healthcare organizations to exercise best practices in three areas: administrative, physical security, and technical security. 

As demands for the vaccine are ramping up, it would be wise for medical professionals to keep up with the demands of appointment changes requests, payment management, claim status and so much more! Luckily, since Salesforce has recently rolled out their new HIPAA Compliant Einstein Bots this gives healthcare workers a better incentive and a peace of mind to use Einstein Bots, AI powered natural language chatbots natively integrated into the Salesforce platform,  in their practices. Here are some of the great features included with the new HIPAA Compliant Einstein Bot. These features will help healthcare providers:

  • Leverage conversational AI for patients to easily pay bills online or review their account balance.

  • Seamlessly book or change appointments directly in the bot.

  • Provide 24/7 service, where cases can be collected at any time. 

  • Increase case deflection by helping patients to self-service to answer their most common FAQs. 

  • Increase agent efficiency where you can automate common FAQs and allow your agents to focus more time on answering complex inquiries. 

  • Turn any chatbot into a voicebot and provide uniform experiences on both chat and voice channels, and so much more.  

Overall, customers in the healthcare industry can now have secure conversations over chat, and bots now exceed data confidentiality and privacy standards set by SOC2. According to Salesforce “the bot infrastructure now meets the highest standards for security, availability, and processing integrity of conversation data.” 

What are some advantages of chatbots in the healthcare industry? 

It’s time for us to reimagine the way we approach healthcare. While it is worthwhile to emphasize that the chatbot is not designed to diagnose a person, the mission of the chatbot is actually to help guide people and assist in revealing if they are seriously ill. After that, an individual could be transferred to a healthcare professional. This order of things essentially saves the doctor's time, and it also saves the patient's time, so they are not having to look up their symptoms on Google and trying to find answers in that way, which may sometimes be misleading. 

Given the direction that we are headed it seems like it would only be beneficial to include a chatbot in your industry. Here are some of the great advantages that chatbots give to healthcare: 

  • Availability and ongoing health monitoring 
  • Providing information fast when there is not a moment to lose 
  • Gaining the trust of patients 
  • Scheduling appointments 
  • Providing support and additional information 

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out this interesting video from Etatics on how chatbots are changing the healthcare industry today! 

With the increasing number of medical institutions adopting new telemedicine techniques, it’s likely patients will use them more and more frequently. Being attentive to your clients’ needs and having a background in implementing various challenging tasks, we are always there for you to improve your business operations. For more information on best practices for leveraging Salesforce Einstein Bots in your industry, contact NeuraFlash today! We are all ears and happy to help answer any questions you may have. You can reach us at 

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