What Sets Us Apart?

You only get one shot at making a good impression with your customers and partnering with a thought leader like NeuraFlash guarantees your success and ROI.

Flash Facts: Decade of chatbot expertise, Deep IP & Tools for Salesforce Bots, Robust suite of reports and dashboards (not yet available from Salesforce), optimization programs, paired with a dedicated expert Bot team staffed with Conversational and UI designers and Bot Builders.
We have an unmatched AI & Chatbot expertise backed by over a decade of enterprise Chatbot/Virtual Assistant experience. Our team hails from Nuance, the original leader of IVR’s and chatbots. Since our founding, we’ve deployed the majority of Salesforce bots, including many of the complex NLP based Einstein Bot Deployments, including Pearson Education.
We've built many best-in-class tools that span the life cycle of a chatbot project which increases the time to value. Our suite of tools includes the Case Classifier, which mines your data logs, UI alternatives to the Salesforce Snap-In, Plugins to other NLP engines to leverage multilingual capabilities, proactive targeting, logging tools that drive analytics, and more!
With limited out of the box reporting from Salesforce, measuring success is difficult. To fill this gap, we've developed robust reports and dashboards in native Salesforce, as well as Einstein Analytics to measure and track the success of your bot. For Service Bots, we can track KPI's such as case deflection, AHT reduction, and CSAT. For Sales Bots, we can capture leads, intent, and product interest.
For each project, we offer our customers a 30-day post-go-live optimization program. Further, we offer uniquely designed programs to ensure you get the most out of your bot investment. Programs include a dedicated team, performance analysis, bot enhancements, exclusive engagement strategy, and more. Also, With many chatbot customers across verticals and use cases, in this program, you also gain the benefit from ongoing innovation and best practices.
Our Four-Pillar Approach
After many cups of coffee and scribbled thoughts on scraps of papers, our team worked to develop a four-pillar approach that produces consistent best-in-class chatbots solutions
Data-Driven End to End User Experience

We help you identify the high volume, high-value use cases for the bot and using our deep industry expertise we will implement industry best practices.
Intelligent Conversational Design

We have in-house UI, NLP, and Linguistic experts, who can assist in fostering best in class customer experience while meeting your success criteria.
Tools & Workarounds for every challenge

With over a decade of bot experience, our team has developed & designed workarounds, sales capabilities, case creation, personalized conversation & more!
Chatbot Analytics & Optimization

Whether or not you are considering the NeuraFlash Chatbot or the Einstein Bot, an important part of any chatbot. We’ve developed customizable and robust reports to measure success and fuel ongoing optimization of your chatbot.
Why Partner with NeuraFlash on the Einstein Bot
25% Increase in Self Service & AHT Reduction for Service
30% Increase in Engagement
for Sales
Design & Development
UAT & Training
Go Live!
Discovery Phase
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