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Automate quotes, control pricing, & close deals faster

Formerly known as Quote-to-Cash, at NeuraFlash we help our customers close more deals, faster and efficiently. Leveraging our best practices you are able to build & deliver accurate sales quotes and more!
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How can Salesforce Revenue Cloud help you?
Implementing Quote-to-Cash takes an innovative partner that can help you integrate complex solutions to create a seamless experience for your customers and sales representatives.

With this solution, you can build recurring customer relationships with CPQ & Billing on a unified platform.

With NeuraFlash as your Salesforce CPQ partner, you can increase your productivity, top-line revenue, and bottom-line profitability.
Which Revenue Cloud use case are you looking for?
Automate quotes, control pricing, and close deals faster.
Billing & Order
Quote & Contract
Quote Bots
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With a record of success, customers references and a best-in-class team, we help our customers enhance their ability to close more deals. We are fully certified Sales Cloud consultants with years of experience implementing Sales Cloud solutions.
Looking for your industry?
CASE STUDY: Professional Services
Professional Services Company Increases quote Velocity with CPQ
A nation’s leader of portable sanitation equipment and temporary fence rental services has locations coast to coast and one of the largest fleets nationwide. They needed a solution to get them off of manual processes, give access to real-time information and have a system and processes to help them scale.

Following the implementation of CPQ, this company was able to handle 900+ quotes per day with 50% of them handled directly in CPQ. In addition, this solution was seamlessly integrated into Salesforce Field Service Solution to allow for a 360 degree view of their business, techs and customers.
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NeuraFlash's Suit of Einstein Bot Products
Salesbot App for the Einstein Bot
Customers are seeking simple chat solutions to drive conversational engagement for their sales and marketing teams on their websites, replacing outdated forms. NeuraFlash's Sales Bot allows sales and marketing teams to quickly standup a conversational chatbot on their website. Provide customers a unique and personalized experience while leveraging a bot fully integrated into Salesforce!
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NeuraFlash's Case Bot allows support teams to quickly standup a conversational chatbot on their website and start handling Cases. Provide users a unique and personalized experience while leveraging a bot fully integrated into Salesforce!
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Einstein Bot UI Enhancer
NeuraFlash UI/UX Enhancer: Gives you the ability to embed the following visual components into the Embedded Service using the Lightning Web Components: Images, YouTube Videos, SlidersCarousels, Mini Cards, Forms, Pick lists, Radio Buttons, Bold Text, Italicized Text, Underlined Text, Hyperlinks.
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Einstein Bot Insights Package
Are you looking to understand how your Einstein Bot performs on your website and for your customers, today? The Einstein Bot Insights Package provides robust logging and a set of detailed reports for any Einstein Chatbot (sales or service focused) to measure performance, KPIs & ROI.
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NeuraFlash Einstein Bot Supervisor
NeuraFlash Bot Supervisor allows human agents to help the bot match intents or provide answers when it is unable to understand a user question on it’s own. Each interaction that a human agent helps the bot then power learning and improvements to the Einstein Bot as well as help the user before a full escalation to an agent occurs.
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Questions about Salesforce Revenue Cloud

How to Build and Deliver Accurate Sales Quotes?

Configure products, price orders, and generate quotes while reducing errors and increasing sales rep productivity.

Help your sales reps select the right products and services for each customer.

Boost productivity and easily identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

How to Build Recurring Customer Relationships?

Launch products with one-time, subscription or usage-based pricing models.

Automate complex billing requirements and electronic payments for timely invoices and cash collection.

Minimize churn by proactively reaching out to customers ahead of their contracts' expiration.

How does Salesforce Quote to Cash Impact Business?

Make Smarter Business Decisions by unifying sales and finance with complete visibility across the customer lifecycle from quote to retention. Leverage the AppExchange and our ISV partners to integrate with ERP. Quickly recognize revenue and report on quotes, orders, invoices, and payments for actionable intelligence.

How do I get started on my CPQ journey?

Reach out to us! We'd love to help you start your journey. Our best practices and leadership will help you get the most out of your investment.

Click the button below to set up a discovery or custom demo of Quote to Cash for you unique business use case.

More Questions? We've got answers.