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Einstein 1 & Service

Get an idea of how generative AI & Einstein 1 can immediately impact your contact center, check out this demo video leveraging GPT technology for 3 core use cases!
“We continue to be inspired by the AI innovation Salesforce is developing and look forward to helping customers turn that innovation into real business results.”
- Patrick Beyries, Senior Vice President of Product & Innovation
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Einstein 1 & Field Service

Get an idea of how Generative AI & Einstein 1 can immediately empower your field technicians, check out this demo video leveraging GPT technology for mobile quoting & compliance!
"Field Service Einstein 1 is the missing piece we've been waiting for! It's going to revolutionize how mobile workers operate, making their tasks more manageable while giving businesses valuable insights with minimal data entry required."
- Dane Peterson, Senior Vice President of Product & Innovation
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Unmatched Expertise

NeuraFlash has consistently led the way in innovation. Being among the pioneers in the automation space, we were early leaders in Bots and Service Cloud Voice. As a result, we have become a trusted partner and our track record of driving business success remains strong!
Patrick Beyries, a seasoned Salesforce executive, founder of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, and Head of Product at NeuraFlash, will lead NeuraFlash's GPT practice. Under his guidance, the team has developed numerous Generative AI accelerators, data models, and integrations. These solutions aim to assist customers in implementing Einstein 1 with reduced costs and simplified processes
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Why AI?
Embrace the Future

What can Einstein GPT and Generative AI do for your business? The possibilities are endless.  

The Sales Impact: Einstein 1 for Sales

Effortlessly generate dynamic sales tasks, such as crafting personalized emails, arranging meetings, and thoroughly preparing for future interactions.

The future of personalized service: Einstein 1 for Service

Generate personalized agent responses effortlessly by leveraging reliable CRM data. Streamline support interactions by summarizing them, saving valuable agent time, and creating knowledge articles from past case notes and more.

Empowering Field Professionals: Einstein 1 for Field Service

Quote faster, and give your field technicians access to the most up-to-date information and technology by bringing it on the road with them. Enable faster, more effective service in and out of the field.

TrAIlblazing Customers

Pearson, NeuraFlash & Salesforce looking forward and embracing Generative AI
"What we've seen over the last ten years +  where A.I. is being brought into the contact center, is improved productivity, efficiency, new and dynamic, ways to find information and expanding the capabilities of our people and our processes. "
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What’s important to your business?

What current technology do you have that can be amplified by Generative AI? With our expertise and extensive experience in automation, encompassing bots, service cloud voice, field service, sales, and more, we understand that the potential of automation extends beyond AI alone.

Einstein for Service


MuleSoft & Data Cloud

Service Cloud Voice

Field Service

What can AI help YOU do?

Reduction in call volume routing
Reduction in AHT
Reduced system administrator effort

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