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NeuraFlash is the ONLY Partner that is a certified Amazon Delivery Partner and Gold Salesforce Consulting Partner. Our team combines 30+ collective years of experience across voice/telephony, contact center and AI. In fact, many of our team members (including our founders!) come from backgrounds with IVR and telephony providers. Get off of your legacy phone platforms and take voice to a whole new level!
What is Service Cloud Voice?
Service Cloud Voice is an intelligent telephony solution natively integrated inside of the Salesforce service cloud console. As announced at Dreamforce 2019, this solution is going to combine the power of Einstein to your phone system, the agent and your customers. Salesforce partnered with Amazon to link Service Cloud with Amazon Connect (on AWS platform). With this partnership Service Cloud Voice allows all phone calls to be routed on a single Omni-Channel platform.
THe BEst Part?
For the very first time all of your customer interaction and CRM data will be stored in one place. 
You no longer need to jump between voice platforms and digital channels such as chat, SMS, WhatsApp etc. 
All conversations will be received and stored within the Salesforce Service Cloud console. 
Service Cloud Voice allows real-time voice transcription capabilities to power predictive agent recommendations leveraging Einstein / Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
With Amazon Lex and Einstein, you can implement a robust natural language powered interactive voice response system (Voice Bot) to automate calls and reduce the average agent handle time with your employees.  
How It Works?
Salesforce's Einstein AI listens to the conversation between the customer care agent and the customer and makes recommendations of knowledge articles, next best actions and other things that might help the agent to foster a great customer service experience!
What does this mean for the future of the contact center?

Today, phone is a high traffic channel. Your customer support agents deal with high call volumes and find themselves answering the same questions over and over again. 

By implementing Salesforce Service Cloud Voice into your Omni-Channel, you will be able to

  • leverage IVRs/voicebots that will heavily impact your call center's case deflection rate
  • reduce the average handle time of your agents
  • have a one central location that hosts ALL of your customer data and powers Salesforce's Customer 360
NeuraFlash Your Go-to-Voice and Contact Center Expert, Can Help!

At NeuraFlash we understand the voice, the AI and Salesforce aspects of the contact center. We can help alleviate the stress that you currently are facing!  As a leading AI and chatbot partner of Salesforce, we are one of the only partners in the Salesforce ecosystem with deep expertise with voice solutions. In fact, many of our team members (including our founders!) come from backgrounds with IVR and telephony providers.

Based on our knowledge and experience with the latest service cloud innovations, we know the importance of having your voice solution tightly integrated into your CRM. 

This out of the box solution is going to enable:

  • backend integration
  • unified reporting
  • Omni-channel to serve as both the routing engine for voice as well as chat, email and digital engagement.

#FIREUP the New Age of Service with the Voice Channel and take it to the next level with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice! 

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