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Symetra | A Service Cloud Voice & Amazon Connect Transformation Story

About this Video:

Symetra works with companies and independent distributors to provide annuities, life insurance and benefits products to help provide security and confidence to people and businesses across the US. They have spent the last 60 years helping both employees and employers build financial strength and security for the future. With a bold vision for the future, they were looking to provide seamless self-service options for their customers, so they made the strategic decision to find a new solution that could enhance their contact center. Knowing the success of both Salesforce and AWS, Symetra was sold on the solution, Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect, that this dynamic duo offered, but they were looking for an implementation partner who not only had Amazon Connect and Salesforce experience, but who could guide them through the process of transitioning as well!

February 6, 2023
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