Kayleigh May
Sep 21, 2021

5 Tips to Boost your Chatbot's Conversion Rates!

Conversion rate is crucial for businesses that are looking to earn more sales. Deploying a Chatbot, and using these tips we mentioned above, can have a huge impact when looking to generate more qualified leads and moving them through the sales pipeline!
5 Tips to Boost your Chatbot's Conversion Rates!

If you’re interested in increasing your Chatbot conversions, but you're not sure where to get started, we've got you covered!

Chatbots are changing the way businesses interact with their customers and the way that customers expect to receive information, but what makes a good chatbot experience? In this blog, we will answer that question and identify 5 tips to keep your Bot’s conversion rate high!

Understand your customer’s wants and needs by performing a deep dive with our in-house Bot team

Before building your Bot, it is important to define the purposes that it will fulfill. Who are your customers and what are their pain points? If you don’t precisely define your target audience, you run the risk of seeing your Chatbot under-utilized by your customers.

In order to define your purpose effectively, it is key to determine which questions are frequently asked by customers. What questions should your Chatbot be able to answer? We like to work with our customers to determine if there are questions agents have to answer every day, repeatedly. By focusing on recurrent use cases, your customers will be less likely to get frustrated and leave your website. During a discovery session with NeuraFlash, we take a deep dive into old chat logs and google analytics from your website to establish next steps.

Once you have determined which frequently asked questions need to be addressed, we will work with you to determine how your Chatbot will greet customers, based on their wants and needs, to drive more qualified conversations from the very first message. This is important because the ‘pain point’ is probably the reason why a customer is coming to your website in the first place.

Determine the dialogue that will be easy for your customers to interact with

After the customer initially interacts with the Bot, it is important that you use quick and easy-to-understand dialogue when providing answers. Chatbots should be helpful, personable, and friendly… every step of the way! It only makes sense to build a Chatbot that helps answer the big questions that keep a customer from converting.

Our customers have seen great success generating leads through Bots because they use engaging and personalized conversation!

Identify your bots display tactics

Your Chatbot is responsible for being available to customers 24/7. The most successful Bots always have their icon visible! This helps to remind customers that support is always there. Some of the most successful Bots maintain a record of their chat with the user even after the user has closed the chat window.

Brand your Bot

If you think about it, Chatbots are bringing the power of AI to your brand. A well-branded Bot can help to increase your conversion rate because it creates more personalized experiences within your buyer’s journey. We love helping clients to determine their Bot’s unique name and personality to make a customer’s interaction fun and personal!

Make it easy for customers to find your business information

It is important to remember that a customer’s expectations of how efficiently they can find information online are high. Customers expect to be able to find the information that they want on the digital channel that they want - especially when it comes to basic information. This includes information such as a phone number, a business address, business hours, etc. By keeping “basic business information” readily available on your website, on the top of your Bot chat window, or making sure that your Bot can answer those questions when asked, is important to keeping your customers happy. If your customer knows they can access you through other channels, they are less likely to get leave (and possibly not return) to your website. 

These five examples are great starting points to increase your Bot’s conversion rates! Here at Neuraflash, our team of Artificial Intelligence Chatbot and Salesforce developers are here to help you take full advantage of your Chatbot experience. No matter if you are just starting your Chatbot journey, or you are looking to enhance your current Chatbot, we have compiled some helpful blogs so you can learn more about how they benefit your business. 

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