Casie Lemaire
Jul 9, 2020

[Case Study] Uses Amazon Connect to Provide Better Customer Service

[Case Study] Uses Amazon Connect to Provide Better Customer Service


Industry: Communications

Products Used: 

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Amazon Connect
  • Billing Support deploys Amazon Connect to empower their agents to provide exceptional customer service.

Customer Challenge: was using a cloud based contact center with an inflexible pricing and support model.  Integration to the current Salesforce Service Cloud was expensive and lacked features that were expected in a contact center. Due to these limitations, it was cost prohibitive to move the current billing department to the existing contact center system.

The customer was in the final rounds of an RFP to select a new vendor but wanted to conduct a POC before making a final decision.  It was determined that the billing group was a perfect trial for the solution.

Solution Provided by NeuraFlash:

NeuraFlash built and deployed an Amazon Connect contact center for 10 agents in the billing department within just a few days.  Calls are routed to these agents and handled more efficiently by the agents through a “Screen Pop” in Salesforce by the use of the Amazon Connect CTI Adapter for Salesforce.  

NeuraFlash also customized a voicemail solution for these agents using core capabilities like Amazon S3, Amazon Lambda, and Amazon Transcribe.


Billing agents are now more efficient and provide a better customer experience through screen pops to Salesforce.  There has been a 30 seconds average reduction in handle time per agent through the Amazon Connect CTI Adapter for Salesforce.  

Through the usage based pricing provided by Amazon, this POC has provided a 15% reduction in licensing costs. anticipates that they will continue to see these costs decrease as more agents use the system.

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