Casie Lemaire
Jul 16, 2018

Delivering Next Gen Customer Experiences With Salesforce Einstein Bots

Delivering Next Gen Customer Experiences With Salesforce Einstein Bots

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are changing the face of customer service as we know it today. However, for the majority of businesses, it’s not clear how these tools will improve the customer experience while providing strong operational benefit. Will customers enjoy conversing with a bot that is viewed as impersonal? What if the bot is unable to answer a question – will it be trusted to resolve issues quickly? And, is the cost to implement worth the promised ROI?

The good news is the newly released Salesforce Einstein Bot can greatly improve the customer experience by offering Natural Language as well as the seamless ability to escalate to a human in Service Cloud at any time. And Salesforce has done the legwork to provide best practices and the right partnerships to help get over the initial steps of delivering a best in-class enterprise chatbot.

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If you still require convincing, take a look at the benefits:

  • Data, Personalization, and Analytics: Bots can capture verbatim customer attributes and comments that are later passed to an agent. Unlike other bots, Einstein integrates directly into Service Cloud to pass this data and allow the agent to immediately act upon this information with a personal touch.
  • Improved workflow: As a consumer, the hours spent navigating through phone menus or contact us pages is frustrating. With the Einstein bot, the consumer is able to ask directly in his or her own words with a direct response. And if the question cannot be answered with natural language, then you can immediately transfer to an agent with a personalized experience. And with the bot capturing who the customer is and screen popping the info, the average case handle time is significantly reduced.
  • Moving beyond service into sales: If a consumer is in the market for a service or product, how often are inquiries answered while he/she is still enthusiastic about the product? Reduce lost leads by enhancing your sales and marketing with features like next best actions.

The power of AI and chatbots will be technology that your customers will like and appreciate. Common questions will be answered directly and complex issues will be managed by your agents in a productive, automated fashion. Gone are the days of sitting on the phone waiting to handle a return or leave feedback – change is here! And it’s coming from a chatbot that is happy to “talk” 24/7.

Want to learn more about the Salesforce Einstein Bot?Below are starter resources and guides to help you in your bot journey:

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