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Sep 10, 2020

Everything you need to know about Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect

Cloud contact center implies a focal point in an enterprise through which the inbound and outbound customer communications are handled. Essentially, the contact centers are hosted on internet servers. There exists several means through which cloud contact centers make interactions.
Everything you need to know about Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect

Everything you need to know about Service Cloud Voice & Amazon Connect. 

Cloud contact center implies a focal point in an enterprise through which the inbound and outbound customer communications are handled. Essentially, the contact centers are hosted on internet servers. There exists several means through which cloud contact centers make interactions. These include voice, social media, and the web, among others. Notably, the contemporary business environment is typified through increased usage of digital channels. As noted by Jose et al, customers continue to use digital channels to connect with businesses. This implies that most entities are finding it convenient to establish contact centers in order to foster the necessary connection with the customers. Thus, there arises a need to enhance the efficiency of the contact centers so as to promote constructive contacts in the business environment. 

One of the ways through which the contact centers can be boosted is through the integration of the cloud system into the idea of contact centers. Some of the reasons which make cloud contact centers appealing are that they are easy to deploy and also have zero upfront charges in terms of capital investment. To reduce IT, integration, and support costs, cloud contact centers are operated by distinct vendors. As captured in Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Reviews, the various vendors of cloud contact centers include Talkdesk, Vonage Contact Center, Nice inContact CXone, Genesys PureCloud, Amazon Connect, Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, and Connect First Contact Center, among others. However, the major vendors of cloud contact centers that shall be discussed herein are Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect. 

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect 

To begin with, Amazon Connect is an omnichannel cloud contact center service that enables the entities to provide better customer service. In other words, Amazon Connect deploys various methods of communications including chat and phone. Through such, the platform enables customer service representatives to respond to inquiries from end customers. Notably, the innovation was inspired by Amazon's retail systems and encounters in their niche within the business environment. As explained in Amazon Connect Reviews & Product Details, the entity needed a platform where they could provide a seamless experience across different media and essentially connect the customers to their service agents. To that regard, Amazon Connect furnishes customers with personal, dynamic, and natural experiences through an organized cloud contact center infrastructure which connects its huge customer base to agents as if it was set up and managed inside their physical stores. 

Justifiably, Amazon Connect is currently a top vendor of cloud contact center that serves millions of customers. The vendor’s key selling points are that it; features a set of tools for skills-based routing, offers thorough-going real-time and historical analytics, and also provides a simple but yet effective intuitive management tool. To crown it up, Amazon Connect services are propped through an attractive pricing style– pay-as-you-go. In details, the software is fashioned to support session routing, concurrent calling, session queuing, speech analytics, and persistent data, among others. Further, Amazon Connect enables connection of parties through Voice, Web Chat, Social, and Mobile SMS. Plus, the platform also offers strategic administrative functions which entails, among others, session summary notes, reporting and dashboard, and session recording. All in all, Amazon Connect offers a variety of features as availed through a friendly interface which incorporates an artificial intelligence. Cumulatively, these factors leverage Amazon Connect as a formidable cloud contact center service provider.


Benefits of Service Cloud Voice  

To bolster its effectiveness, nonetheless, Amazon Connect is the backend cloud based telephony solution that powers service cloud voice. Service Cloud Voice is leveraged with omni-channel for a true blended agent. This, in earnest, makes Salesforce a major vendor as far as cloud contact services are concerned and especially through its unique Service Cloud. 

Overall, Salesforce Service Cloud Voice allows for the following to be possible to elicit the best experience for the users:

  • Native Call Control abilities in Service Cloud 
  • True blended agent across multiple channels and managing a presence across channels is now possible 
  • Real-time voice to text transcription 
  • Provides the ability to power Einstein features like case classification and next best action
  • Omni-Supervisor ability to manage all agents on all channels 
  • Analytics with Native Voice calls in Salesforce to accurately and efficiently measure KPIs

Through its tools, as mentioned thereof, the agents are able to deliver services to customers anytime and anywhere through a seamless system of phone channels alongside the web and social channels. Besides, Salesforce also boasts of effective tools and requisite insights which offer consistent and efficient experience through the cloud voice. In other words, the agents enjoy a complete view and access through specific tools and insights. An essential forte of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice is its exquisite intelligence which leverages the agents to operate from a single source of truth and through an integrated platform. 

Fundamentally, Salesforce Service Cloud Voice makes it easy for the integration of calls through a special Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is compatible with  Amazon Connect. Concerning Amazon Connect, Salesforce draws from and compliments some of its vital features such as intelligent cloud telephony, call routing, and storage, among others. In particular, nonetheless, Salesforce employs a special AI known as Einstein. As explained in Customer Service Management Software, Einstein analyzes customer-agent conversations and services in a quick manner which translates to speedy resolution of cases concerning customers. Plus, the service agents also get to access accurate purchase history and a bird’s eye view of prior customer conversation, which leverage them to discharge personalized customer services in a proactive fashion. 

All in all, Salesforce Service Cloud Voice is a remarkable feature which embeds major cloud contact center service providers hence acting to boost agent productivity, personalized services, streamline operations, and also ensure real-time visibility to the supervisors. It could thus be deduced that contact center is a good idea which enhances constructive interactions in the business environment. 

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