What does Salesforce Service Cloud Voice mean for the future of your Contact Centers?

Today's customers have rising demands of immediate service and personalization. Around 80% of calls need to be answered in a matter of 20 seconds!
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What does Salesforce Service Cloud Voice mean for the future of your Contact Centers?

What does Salesforce Service Cloud Voice 

mean for the future of your Contact Centers? 

The way we think about contact centers is changing. 

Today's customers have rising demands of immediate service and personalization. Around 80% of calls need to be answered in a matter of 20 seconds!  

With call centers shut down and employees forced to work from home, now, more than ever, we need virtual call centers! Salesforce’s new product, Service Cloud Voice, can connect your phone channel directly into the Service Cloud Console, empower remote agents and better serve your customers.

Things have changed, BUT we were already headed in this direction. 

It’s no surprise that the current situation we are in has us shifting to a more virtual ecosystem. In fact, this digital world has become the new normal. But, how long will this new “normal” last? The fact of the matter is, we may never go back exactly to the way things were pre-COVID-19. However, the current challenges that businesses and Contact Centers are facing, were trends that were already in motion. Even before COVID-19 this is the direction we were heading. 

The current challenges contact centers are facing today involve: 

  • Phone channels being shut down because no one is in the office to answer them
  • Many organizations were not prepared for a global work from home scenario
  • 3rd party outsourced call centers have been shut down increasing the volume on your onsite resources

But these aren’t just “new” challenges. The phone channel has long been built on legacy systems like Avaya and Cisco which are completely separate from CRM databases like, Salesforce.com. Leaders of Contact Centers and Customer Care Organizations have struggled with challenges like:  

  • Disconnected customer data and leveraging 3rd party solutions to attempt to achieve a full view of the customer
  • Struggling to buy contact center software that addresses the broader ambitions and challenges of the organization
  • Focusing too narrowly on getting customers connected, overlooking the key pillars of the new age of customer service like: 
  • personalization (providing the human touch), competency (customer service representative must have a strong knowledge of the company and its products), convenience (customers want to get in touch with a representative through whatever channel is most convenient), and proactivity (customers want companies to be proactive in reaching out to them).

In order to assist phone agents with old and new challenges and help organizations adapt to the new virtual call center, Salesforce.com is launching Service Cloud Voice. A solution that will expedite and facilitate the customer experience on voice to a whole new level!

What do customers want anyway? 

These days, customers are looking to establish thoughtful connections with the companies they love the most. When they look to connect with your company they want to be attended to on their terms

By connecting a voice channel that is directly tied into your Salesforce CRM, you will be able to provide the expedited and personalized experiences that your customers expect.

So, what is Service Cloud Voice and how can it help? 

Service Cloud Voice is an intelligent telephony solution natively integrated inside of the Salesforce service cloud console. As announced at Dreamforce 2019, this solution is going to combine the power of Einstein to your phone system, the agent and your customers. Salesforce partnered with Amazon to link Service Cloud with Amazon Connect (on AWS platform). With this partnership Service Cloud Voice allows all phone calls to be routed on a single Omni-Channel platform.

Want to know the best part? For the very first time all of your customer interaction and CRM data will be stored in one place. You no longer need to jump between voice platforms and digital channels such as chat, SMS, WhatsApp etc. All conversations will be received and stored within the Salesforce Service Cloud console. 

Service Cloud Voice allows real-time voice transcription capabilities to power predictive agent recommendations leveraging Einstein/Artificial Intelligence (AI). And with Amazon Lex and Einstein, you can implement a robust natural language powered interactive voice response system (Voice Bot) to automate calls and reduce the average agent handle time with your employees.  


How this works:

Salesforce's Einstein AI listens to the conversation between the customer care agent and the customer and makes recommendations of knowledge articles, next best actions and other things that might help the agent to foster a great customer service experience!  

What does this mean for the future of the contact center?

Today, phone is a high traffic channel. Your customer support agents deal with high call volumes and find themselves answering the same questions over and over again. By implementing Salesforce Service Cloud Voice into your Omni-Channel, you will be able to leverage IVRs/voicebots that will heavily impact your call center's case deflection rate by reducing the average handle time of your agents. In addition, you will have a one central location that hosts ALL of your customer data and powers Salesforce's Customer 360. 


How We Can Help: 

At NeuraFlash we understand the voice, the AI and Salesforce aspects of the contact center. We can help alleviate the stress that you currently are facing!  As a leading AI and chatbot partner of Salesforce, we are one of the only partners in the Salesforce ecosystem with deep expertise with voice solutions. In fact, many of our team members (including our founders!) come from backgrounds with IVR and telephony providers. 

Based on our knowledge and experience with the latest service cloud innovations, we know the importance of having your voice solution tightly integrated into your CRM. This out of the box solution is going to enable backend integration, and unified reporting. When including Service Cloud Voice into your Salesforce console,  Omni-channel serves as both the routing engine for voice as well as chat, email and digital engagement. This gives you an entire view of everything that is taking place with the customer: before the call, during the call, and when your customer escalates to a customer care agent.  


Around 80% of calls need to be answered in a matter of 20 seconds! 


As mentioned, today's customers have riding demands of immediate service and personalization. Leverage intelligent routing, and a phone system that is tied directly into your Salesforce Console to better empower your phone agents and facilitate the customer experience to a whole new level! 


The overall goal of Service Cloud Voice is to improve agent efficiency by reducing the handling time while also improving the customer experience of the conversation. This is going to allow call centers and the management team to focus on delivering excellent customer service across their entire team and across all channels. No more having to repeat any processes to make sure your customers needs are met! 

Excited to learn more? Contact NeuraFlash today at contactus@neuraflash.com

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