Guess what? Your Contact Forms are Dead. Here's why you need a Salesforce Einstein Bot!

Conversational marketing is more than just making sure your customers get their questions answered in a short time frame. Take your next step in your digital journey and learn more about why you need a Salesforce Einstein Bot!
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Guess what? Your Contact Forms are Dead. Here's why you need a Salesforce Einstein Bot!

Guess What? Your Contact Us Forms are Dead. Here’s why you need a Salesforce Einstein Bot! 

Why Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is more than just making sure your customers get their questions answered in a short amount of time. It’s also a great way to gain new, valuable insights about your customers to optimize for better interactions, product improvements, lead generation and more sales! 

Conversational marketing is the best way to start real-time conversations with buyers and customers. Your conversational marketing audience is much more insightful than your other channels. They’ll tell you exactly how they want to interact with your business. As a result, there’s no inferring or guessing, like with web traffic. If you think about it, what other platforms give your customers the luxury of telling you exactly what they would like to do, learn or buy

Consumer Demands Have Changed 

When we think about just how vastly our world has changed overtime we come to realize that our common and frequent methods of communication involve chat. This includes, but is not limited to facebook messenger, mobile applications, and other forms of media that provide us with answers when we want, wherever we want. 

Today’s customers are coming to expect that businesses and brands they love will always be there when they need them. To put it best, customers want their information now and they want their experience to be personalized and unique. 

So how do you provide that service? The Answer: a conversational marketing chatbot powered by Salesforce.

While the current crisis expedited the need for going digital, the world was already well on its way to becoming a digital first economy. More than 4.5 billion people now use the internet. Nearly 60 percent of the world’s population is already online. This demonstrates how impactful having a digital presence will be going forward.

To adapt to their customers’ new expectations and demands, sales and marketing teams need to be able to provide customers with: 

- immediate service 

- 24/7 self service

- personalized experiences

And guess what? Your old Contact Us form won’t cut it anymore.  

You need a conversational marketing bot that can help your teams qualify prospects, collect leads 24/7, schedule meetings and provide proactive engagement for your customers ready to buy now. This helps your teams spend less time qualifying and more time selling! 

For the best interconnected experience, and for your customers and your team, you need a chatbot that is fully integrated into your CRM such as Salesforce. Companies who want to start their journey with a conversational marketing chatbot will need to find a way to store and organize their data, so they can have seamless conversations with their customers. With the assistance of a CRM like Salesforce, you can organically promote events and products, distribute content, and provide support all via chat!

And by the way, if you have Salesforce for lead management then our NeuraFlash team has the perfect solution for you! 

The Salesbot App for the Salesforce Einstein Bot: a conversational lead generation chatbot. 

The Einstein Salesbot by NeuraFlash helps convert increased web traffic to leads and help qualify them. By leveraging NeuraFlash’s unmatched industry expertise and best practices in conversational design, the Salesbot is capable of increasing your lead collection by 30% and automating the scheduling of follow-up appointments between your best agents and best leads.

Best part? Get it up and running in 14 days and build it out as you go. You also don’t have to know how to code! When you install the package into your Salesforce org, you’ll get a guided visual interface allowing you to configure your bot in minutes! Because it’s natively integrated to Salesforce all of your leads and the agent chat function will leverage your current Salesforce instance. After creating the bot, you will receive a code snippet that you can add on the homepage of your website. 

Check out our video on the Salesbot here

Take the next step in your digital journey and launch your bot in less than 14 days. The more immersive the experience is for the customer, the better. 

Let us help you take your first steps today! 

Click the NeuraFlash Virtual Assistant, Ember, in the bottom right corner to schedule a custom demo/discovery with us!

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