NeuraFlash + Clari = Owning your Revenue Journey

Understanding and managing revenue in current market conditions is crucial, making this an opportune moment for adopting a stellar system the Clari and NeuraFlash teams have come together to help our customers with all things Salesforce and Clari and help our customers take control of their revenue!
The Outcomes
NeuraFlash + Clari = Owning your Revenue Journey

So you’re thinking about implementing Clari, Congratulations! You're on the right path to owning your revenue, we’re excited for you!  With these market conditions the way they are, there has never been a more important time to understand and manage your revenue.

Lucky for you, NeuraFlash and Clari have recently joined forces to share the common goal of Running your Revenue.

You may be thinking, “So, how does this partnership help me?” Well, let’s jump in and find out.

We went to Clari University

Neuraflash blazed a new trail to Clari University. We hit the books, and learned how to implement Clari. Not only did we study up, but NeuraFlash went undercover with Clari’s Professional Services experts to successfully deliver revenue intelligence to Clari customers. 

This means that NeuraFlash is positioned to deliver both Salesforce and Clari for our customers. Armed with NeuraFlash, Salesforce, and Clari, streamlining your processes, unifying and interpreting your data has never been easier. 

Proven Results:

NeuraFlash’s Revenue Cloud team is passionate about problem solving and helping your business to build and strengthen your sales processes and pipeline. We’ve seen some outstanding results. Checkout some of our project outcomes.

  • 20% Decrease in length of the sales cycle
  • 300 hours saved per year
  • 130+ new adopted users

And when you combine them with the outcomes that Clari has seen, you’ll be unstoppable!

  • 80% increase in sales team productivity
  • 15% increase in win rates
  • 10% decrease in deal slippage

One Stop Shop

Clari ingests data from Salesforce and gives you powerful insights and confidence in your forecasting calls. To get the best results, you must have your pipeline ducks in a row. So what does that mean?

New to the Salesforce Ohana?

If you’re new to Salesforce, NeuraFlash will build the Sales Cloud infrastructure needed for Clari to shine.

Currently in the Salesforce Ohana!

If you have an existing Salesforce solution, our Sales Cloud specialists will analyze your current business process and Salesforce Sales Cloud pipeline. We will maximize and prepare your existing Salesforce instance for the magic that Clari delivers. 

Imagine that you’re currently in the middle of implementing Clari and you discover that you need a Clari dependent fix to your Salesforce User Hierarchy. Or, perhaps you decide that a switch to Enterprise Territory Management is necessary because it would be the better fit for your business and how Clari rolls up your data. Good news, We can help with that!

Revenue Leak

NeuraFlash is the plumber for your Revenue Leak! Clari will identify trends and weaknesses in your business processes. When partnered with Neuraflash our experts will assist you with a design that fixes the leak. 

Time to Value 

When NeuraFlash is your consulting partner, you’ll see an immediate value in less time spent going through discovery and requirements, our specialists will lead you from Lead to Cash and beyond. 

With the knowledge of both Salesforce and Clari we configure and deliver both solutions in one project. We will handle the required Clari prerequisites in your Salesforce org that will save your company time and money.

We have each others’ backs!

The Clari and NeuraFlash teams have come together to help our customers with all things Salesforce and Clari. We utilize each other's expertise to extend the best service to our customers. When you partner with NeuraFlash as your Clari Implementation provider you’ll have both teams in your corner.

To learn more about our Salesforce and Clari offerings, drop us a line we would love to hear about your business and how we can help.

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