NeuraFlash Continues to Aggressively Invest in Our Lead to Cash Practice

April 28, 2022

As one of the only Billing Certified Partners, and a Strategic DocuSign Partner, we are prepared to help many more customers intelligently guide their Lead-to-Cash journeys with Salesforce Sales Cloud, CPQ, Billing and DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud for Salesforce. 

NeuraFlash has been under the radar for quite some time, providing Lead-to-Cash solutions that unify Marketing, Sales, and Finance with powerful Service experiences.  We are now establishing this as a business pillar by heavily investing in our comprehensive end-to-end, multi-cloud, point-of-sale to point-of-service vision to further empower customers by providing seamless end-to-end experiences. From NeuraFlash’s unique knowledge, we know that organizations invest in new technology because there is the potential to either save money or make money, and Salesforce Revenue Cloud and DocuSign CLM are the few solutions out there that can help you do both.

  • Is your business weighed down by one-off processes, so your business can’t scale?
  • Are your salespeople spending too much time shuffling through a spreadsheet or getting approvals?
  • Are you lacking a single, 360 degree view of the customer?
  • Are there errors in your manual quoting and contracting process that are affecting the customer? 
  • Are your legacy tools not able to keep up?

If any of these signs sound familiar to you, it may be time for your business to move your current configure, price, and quote (CPQ) process over to Salesforce CPQ! By working with our team of experts, we can take reps out of manual spreadsheets and into an automated tool that delivers error-free quotes. To put it simply, together, we can make the sales process better, faster, and more organized — allowing you to close more deals, from anywhere and at any time! 

“Reps spend about 66% of their time on activities, such as data entry, writing proposals, and getting approvals.” -State of Sale Report, Salesforce 

The value of a seamless Lead-to-Cash journey goes beyond just your sales team. If you are looking to speed up your revenue growth across every channel, it’s also time to consider creating and automating your invoices and payments with Salesforce Billing!

Do any of these pain points sound familiar? 

  • Are your invoices inaccurate due to the customer lifecycle changing? 
  • Is usage billing complex?
  • Do you deal with non-standard billing terms? 
  • Do you have few controls over manual processes? 
  • Are you unable to accurately forecast? 

Salesforce Billing is an extension of Salesforce CPQ that inherits key records and information from your CPQ instance to give you:

  • The ability to generate bills without errors and with more reliability
  • A better way to manage complex bill needs such as: upgrades, renewals, prorations, trial periods, add-ons, one-time setup fees, and more
  • A way to offer flexible billing arrangements to meet your customers needs
  • Improved accuracy of your cash to flow forecasts by having visibility into better business outcome metrics 
  • Increased customer retention and revenue growth 

Our team of CPQ and Salesforce platform specialists are able to leverage our best practices and experience from many years of implementing complex CPQ solutions to help you optimize your Lead to Cash process. We want to provide you with a platform that lets you do things you couldn’t before! We will help implement CPQ and Billing solutions that will work in conjunction with your business processes across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Communities, as well as integrate with your ERP to ensure that everything flows seamlessly between the platforms.

“It is rare that we have new opportunities to shape the perspective of Sales consulting. I am incredibly excited to unify Sales and Service like never before in partnership with the amazing team here at NeuraFlash and take the 360° experience to the next level.”  -Collin Pullums, Sr. Director of Lead-to-Cash at NeuraFlash

Our Lead-to-Cash expertise includes: 

  • Decades of experience in Revenue Operations Expertise and implementations
  • Billing Certified Partner
  • Strategic DocuSign Partner

Outcomes we’ve seen:

  • Uncovered MILLIONS of New Revenue for Customers
  • Cut bill processing down from 2 weeks to 3 days
  • 40% reduction in quote times and manual processes

About NeuraFlash:

Digital transformation doesn’t start with a product, it starts with a partner. Here at NeuraFlash, we build seamless end-to-end solutions powered by AI, connected on the Salesforce and Amazon platforms. We believe the right technology shapes the business world, as we are proud to be a top-tier consulting and ISV partner of Salesforce and Amazon. 

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