Delaney Bussey
Dec 9, 2020

[Press Release] NeuraFlash Growth Influx Launching to New Heights

In just the past six months, NeuraFlash has grown by 45%. The growth of NeuraFlash is only beginning as the company is expecting to add 30-50 employees by the end of the fiscal year.
[Press Release] NeuraFlash Growth Influx Launching to New Heights

NeuraFlash Growth Influx Launching to New Heights

NeuraFlash, a leading AI Salesforce Summit Consulting and ISV partner, is rapidly scaling. In just the past six months, NeuraFlash has grown by 45%. The growth of NeuraFlash is only beginning as the company is expecting to add 30-50 employees by the end of the fiscal year. NeuraFlash attributes much of their growth to their incredible customers and the heightened demand for AI powered digital innovations with Salesforce and Einstein across marketing, sales, service and field operations. 

“When we started the company, there was a great opportunity to be unique and different in the Salesforce ecosystem due to our extensive experience and keen focus with AI, Einstein, Bots, Contact Centers & Field Service. With an unwavering commitment to customer success and an outcome-based approach, we remarkably have been able to achieve Platinum status in less than 4 years!” said CEO and Co-Founder of NeuraFlash Brett Chisholm. “We are so fortunate to have incredible partnerships with innovative brands, and to be supported by a very talented, driven and specialized AI and Salesforce team. Our best practices stem from our strong areas of expertise and experience: AI, Bots, Voice, Contact Centers, Field Service, CPQ, Mulesoft and Tableau CRM. As a result, we are well-positioned to keep up with Salesforce and drive major positive outcomes for our mutual customers.”

The global pandemic has created a greater sense of urgency to shift digitally, including contact centers and field operations, giving NeuraFlash more opportunities to help their partners enhance experience for their customers and employees.

By offering sales and service communication channels through the customer’s channel of choice, and the option of self-service through Einstein bots, companies can now leverage their employees’ time more efficiently and keep their customers happy. When it comes to field operations, it is paramount in today’s environment to ensure the right resources and the right skills  arrive at the customer’s location within the promised timeframe. Salesforce Field Service’s scheduling optimization engine powered by Einstein, paired with NeuraFlash’s experience, provides the capability to seamlessly achieve each of those goals.  

Overall, serving their customers throughout the pandemic has given NeuraFlash the opportunity to expand both their expertise and knowledge, as well as their team. 

Company culture is a key component to NeuraFlash’s formula for success and growth. Being an outcome-based company, the employees at NeuraFlash are solution-driven, constantly striving to take on more responsibility, and are fixated on helping their customers get the most out of their investment with Salesforce. NeuraFlash has built a thriving remote culture, with employees staying connected in 22 different states and 2 different countries. 


“Neuraflash is an energizing environment, you get to be a part of a very down-to-earth and highly talented team,” said NeuraFlash Talent Acquisition Lead Nicola Bryan. “You are given the flexibility, support and autonomy to work and thrive as an individual. Being a Recruiter at Neuraflash, is truly a dream job- I get to connect with the top Salesforce talent in the ecosystem and provide them with tremendous opportunities to work with the best Salesforce Partner, learn the latest in technology, and lead in this innovative cutting edge world of AI, Chatbot, Voice and It's thrilling, challenging and I get to make people's lives even better!”


Check out NeuraFlash Careers here! 

About NeuraFlash:

NeuraFlash is a leading AI and Salesforce Summit Consulting / ISV Partner obsessed with helping our customers transform their businesses with Salesforce. Our expertise spans across the Salesforce ecosystem with Service Cloud Voice, Einstein Bots and Digital Channels, Service Cloud, Field Service, CPQ, Mulesoft, and Einstein Analytics. We specialize in building ai powered experiences that transform and optimize the employee and customer journey. We help customers leverage the power of Salesforce Einstein/AI to improve their businesses and get the most out of their investment. 



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