Casie Lemaire
Oct 24, 2019

NeuraFlash launches suite of Einstein Bot Packages to help brands start their AI journey today.

NeuraFlash launches suite of Einstein Bot Packages to help brands start their AI journey today.

NeuraFlash launches suite of Einstein Bot Packages to help brands start their AI journey today.

The Salesforce Einstein Bot is continuing to revolutionize the way businesses communicate with customers at every brand touch point while providing a best in class customer experience. As consumers continue to shift from phone to digital channels, they expect to be able to engage with the brands they love at their own convenience, anytime, anywhere and be able to “self-serve”.

By deploying a Salesforce Einstein Bot, brands can provide a differentiated customer experience while driving operational efficiency for their business. 

But how do you take advantage of such a powerful tool? Enter: NeuraFlash

NeuraFlash is a leading Einstein Bot & AI partner of Salesforce with over a decade of chatbot experience. Our team has designed and implemented the majority of the successful enterprise-class bots across the Salesforce ecosystem. 

With over 40 Einstein Bot customers across a wide array of verticals and business sizes, we recognize that all brands are unique. Many brands do not have the chatbot experience or specialized bot or conversational design skills on staff to take advantage of this incredible technology and in a world where customer experience, and time to value is everything, this can be a huge barrier.

NeuraFlash is launching a suite of FIVE products, some currently available in the Salesforce AppExchange, to help businesses easily leverage the power of the Salesforce Einstein Bot. No matter if you are looking for a first step, midway in your chatbot journey, or want to optimize your existing solution, we’ve built it. 

NeuraFlash Suite of Einstein Bot Products: 

  1. Sales Bot: Einstein Bot Application for Marketing and Sales 
  2. Retail Bot: Customer Service Einstein Bot Application for for Retail Brands
  3. The Einstein Bot UX Enhancer: Enhance customer experience in Snap In
  4. Einstein Bot Accelerator: Accelerate your build of a Simple Einstein Bot
  5. NeuraFlash Bot Insights Package: Einstein Bot Analytics with robust logging and Reports & Dashboards for sales and service

1. Sales Bot: Einstein Bot App for Marketing and Sales 

The 24/7, Conversational, Einstein Bot for Sales and Marketing teams built to scale as your business does. It’s Easy as 1,2,3: Install, Program, Sell More! The Sales Bot is intentionally designed to help you increase website engagement to qualify more leads and schedule meetings. Give your customers an experience to remember by collecting information conversationally and efficiently empowering your sales teams to spend less time qualifying or scheduling and more time selling

Feature Highlights:

- 24/7 & After Hours Lead Collections

- Create and route leads and cases directly within Salesforce. Escalate directly to the console.

- Ability to leverage Natural Language vs. buttons only

- Customizable UI & Personalized Experience

- Great alternative solution to other 3rd parties (i.e. Drift/Intercom)

- All data/reports in Salesforce allowing for continuous optimization

*Further enhancements and feature releases are in the works!

 2. Retail Bot: An Einstein Bot App for Retail Brands 

Attention retailers! Understaffed during the holiday season? Are your Call Centers handling high call volumes resulting in high average agent handling, long customer queue times and low CSAT? Looking to automate? Then this is the tool for you! We built the Retail Einstein Bot with 10 of the most common FAQs across the retail industry including order status, return, and registration all to help automate time-consuming processes. Powered by a guided setup, this product provides retail brands with the framework to build out a Phase 1 Einstein Bot with their own specific use cases.

Features Include

- 10 Pre-Built Retail Use Cases

- Integration into Commerce Cloud

- Create cases after hours

- 24/7 Availability for Customers

- Use of Natural Language Processing

- Standard NeuraFlash Bot Reports

*Further enhancements and feature releases are in the works!

3. The Einstein Bot UX Enhancer App: 

Out of the box today, the Einstein Bot doesn’t allow enhanced design features like adding images, carousels, form cards or videos inside the chat window (commonly called the Snap-In). Recognizing this product gap, NeuraFlash has built a one of its kind product to enhance the Einstein Bot by allowing users to embed images, carousels, videos, etc. directly into the bot. The Einstein Bot UX Enhancer’s innovative design helps brands deliver powerful experiences to their customers. Extend the capabilities of the Einstein Bot and enhance your customer’s experience!

The UX Enhancer in Action

Features Include: 

- Youtube videos with full playback controls

- Carousels 

- Streamlined Data Collection

- Text Formatting

- Informational Mini Carts

- Submission forms

*Further enhancements and feature releases are in the works!

4. Einstein Bot Accelerator

This quick start guide helps you simplify and accelerate the build of a simple Einstein Bot. If you find yourself having trouble setting up or training your Einstein Bot, this is the guide for you. This accelerator comes with a step-by-step wizard with feature descriptions and setup help for pre-requisites, Einstein Intent sets, and an Intent Analyzer. Leverage a set of pre-built intents of the most common utterances necessary for any bot while also being able to detect when your customer needs to escalate to an agent and seamlessly do so with Salesforce Chat (Live Agent). Best of all, it's fast and one of the easiest ways to get started on your AI journey today. 

Features Include: 

- Pre-Built Intents (hello, thanks, and more)

- Wizard with feature descriptions 

- Setup help for pre-requisites

- Intent Analyzer

- Escalation via Salesforce Chat

*Further enhancements and feature releases are in the works!

5. The Einstein Bot Insights Package: Bot Analytics with Reports and Dashboards

Understanding how your bot performs on your website and for your customers is important. Today, the Einstein Bot does not come with reports or dashboards to help track bot performance or measure data against success criteria. As analytic experts, we recognized this gap and built the Einstein Bot Insights package. This package provides robust logging and a set of detailed reports for any Einstein Chatbot (sales and service focused). These reports can be used to provide incredible insight into your chatbot's performance including key opportunities for chatbot optimization based on your success criteria. For service,  it can track & measure metrics such as case deflection, and average handle time reduction, as well as performance metrics such as channel shifts. For sales, it can track metrics like leads created, leads turned to opportunities, revenue from the bot, and monitor popular products.

Features Include: 

Two different dashboards: Executive & Performance

Conversational Analysis Feature

Performance Dashboards that track metrics of performance breakdown and optimization

Executive Summary tracks Avg. Agent Handle time, % Case Deflection, Channel breakdown

Sales Specific Dashboards and Reports

Service Specific Dashboards and Reports

*Further enhancements and feature releases are in the works!

Now What?

Now that you have learned about the power of Einstein Bot and how these NeuraFlash products can help you leverage it, it’s time to get started! 

Start your Salesforce Einstein Bot journey and enhance your customer's experience, increase the efficiency of your customer service or sales representatives all the while decreasing business costs and increasing revenue. 

Have questions? Don’t know where to start? Want a customized solution tailored to your business? We can help! Email: or visit to schedule a demo today.

About NeuraFlash

As a leading AI and Gold Consulting / ISV Partner of Salesforce, we are obsessed with helping our customers transform their businesses with Bots, Digital Channels, Service Cloud, Einstein for Service, Field Service Lightning, CPQ and Einstein Analytics. We specialize in building solutions that transform and optimize experiences: employee and customer. We believe that every customer and solution is unique and therefore have IP, tools and best practices to help any business achieve its Salesforce goals. Whether it’s taking your initial first steps, enhancing existing solutions, or ongoing optimization, we help customers leverage the power of Salesforce Einstein/AI to improve their businesses and get the most out of their investment. We’re the “Service Cloud Guys” - it’s what we do.

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