Kelsey Chisholm
May 7, 2021

NeuraFlash Moms Share How They Find Work-Life Balance

NeuraFlash Moms Share How They Find Work-Life Balance

No matter your career choice,  your title as 'mom' is no doubt the most important one. Women are often caught in a balancing act between motherhood & their work, & we can all agree that the pandemic only made that more of a challenge. If you learn to find a balance that makes sense for your life,  you will find satisfaction & happiness, both at home & at work! 

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we chatted with some of our amazing NeuraFlash moms — women at the top of their professional game who have managed to grow their career & raise a family — & asked them:

How do you do it?!

1. Make choices 

It is an adjustment trying to balance it all, but the key is to prioritize the things that will make you happy!

“I had a coworker who would take the day off for her daughter’s birthday every year so they could dedicate the day to her. My goal is to start doing that this year!” -Rebecca Siebenaler
2. Disconnect
“Unplug from work once you have completed all of your tasks. By doing that, it will be much easier to transition your full focus on your children, no matter the time frame you do have with them!” -Annamaria Hickman
3. Share loving moments with your children

“Giving your children 100% of your attention & stepping away from your laptop is vital. When they are leaving the house, giving them a hug goodbye shows them that you are devoted to them & not work, even if they see you working all hours of the day. Multitasking with work & not saying goodbye could turn into regret- don’t go there, a hug only takes a few seconds!” -Siobhan Farrelly
4.  It’s okay to set boundaries
“Set & keep boundaries. I try really hard to not look at emails during my time at night so I can feel good about getting bonding time with my daughter each day!” -Amanda Cowan
5. Enjoy some time for yourself

Doing one things a day for yourself, no matter how big or small, can help you to avoid burnout.

“I try to incorporate self care routines throughout the day (whether that is breathing exercises, taking a quick stroll, etc).” -Annamaria Hickman
6. Forget the guilt
“I always try to keep in perspective that we all know our children best- what works & what doesn’t work with their individual personalities. Kids are happiest when parents are happiest. If spending time with your children means skipping dinner & ordering the french fries, do it!” -Meg Cast
7. Have open conversations

It is important to talk to your children about obligations & responsibilities. Our very own Julie Moffitt recommends reading the book, “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk” to better help guide open conversations with your family.

Never forget that you are setting a great example for your children! Not only are you providing financially, but you’re also demonstrating hard work & determination. Happy Mother’s Day!

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