NeuraFlash Monthly AI Review: April

Learn more about how AI is impacting real businesses, the latest AI updates from Salesforce, Amazon Web Services (AWS) in NeuraFlash's first AI Monthly Review.
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NeuraFlash Monthly AI Review: April

Welcome to the first edition of NeuraFlash's Monthly AI Reviews, where we will be looking into, highlighting, and uncovering some of the best parts of AI in business each month.

Learn about how AI is impacting real businesses, the latest AI updates from Salesforce, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and more! 

Welcoming the new AI virtual Assistant: Einstein Copilot 

The integration of an AI Assistant directly into CRM data brings unique advantages. Not only do you get a new buddy (dare we say best friend) to help your agents or sales reps throughout the day, but it ensures responses are generated and delivered based on trustworthy data from their own CRM system, enhancing accuracy and reliability. It provides a unified and customizable user journey tailored to specific business requirements, job responsibilities and more, spanning across sales, service, and field operations.

Emerging capabilities of Salesforce Einstein Copilot include the ability to answer questions, summarize information, create new content, and interpret complex conversations. 

For sales teams, Copilot provides end-to-end support, helping to sell faster by building tailored close plans per customer and agent, generating personalized emails, and increasing response rates. How does it do all of this? Einstein Copilot streamlines conversations, emphasizes customer needs, and generates sales summaries effortlessly. But let's be serious, who doesn't want to sell faster, close more deals, and save time?!

For service teams, Einstein Copilot, gives personalized, accurate, and speedy response recommendations that streamline case resolution and boost customer satisfaction. Your agents can tackle tedious (and frustrating) tasks like gathering info and crafting proposals in real-time, boosting efficiency and keeping customers happy.

Want to learn more about Einstein Copilot? Check out the basics here!

As a leading AI partner with deep expertise in bots, NeuraFlash is the premier partner for Salesforce Einstein Copilot, with the tools and knowledge that make it custom and effective for your business. Contact us to learn about our industry Einstein Copilot accelerators!  

Stay tuned for more information about our latest innovations with Einstein Copilot!

Story of the Month: NeuraFlash & Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain, a global information management services company. With a presence in 58 countries, their rapid growth meant they needed a scalable system, causing them to begin a digital transformation meant to maximize customer asset potential.

Meet the powerhouse trio driving Iron Mountain's transformation: Salesforce, NeuraFlash, and AWS. With a shared goal of seamlessly integrating their tech stack and elevating the customer experience, Iron Mountain selected Salesforce for its robust technology. Salesforce efficiently tackles the complexities of scaling a global contact center through a unified platform, effortlessly integrating with other systems

Iron Mountain's service agents manage a large volume of cases spanning phone, email, and chat channels. Recognizing the need to embrace AI in their operations, Iron Mountain opted to invest in Einstein Article Recommendations, Einstein Generative Service Replies, and Einstein Conversation Wrap-Up. This strategic move aimed to enhance their processes, equip agents with top-notch tools, and deliver cutting-edge service to customers. The results speak for themselves – Iron Mountain has experienced a phenomenal 30% improvement in case wrap time and a remarkable 20% reduction in case escalation.

Unlocking the power of Service AI is a gateway to unparalleled efficiency in case management. It is paving the way for streamlined solutions that redefine excellence in service.” 
Tim Butler, Digital Transformation Leader, Global Service Delivery, Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain's early dive into AI-driven solutions? One could call it a game-changer. This integration represents a significant advancement in leveraging technology to elevate customer satisfaction.

Are you interested in learning more? Hear straight from Iron Mountain here

AI in Action: Featured Videos

Ready to see AI in action? Check out our demos showcasing the power of Generative AI in the real world. 

Feel the impact of accessible AI! Integrate it directly into your CRM to equip agents with powerful tools for exceptional service. Dive into how this financial services firm kickstarted their contact center automation journey. Witness firsthand the empowerment of their team, the enhanced customer experience, and the time saved.

Generative AI is changing the way the world can place orders! What once was a menu-based process is now dynamic, letting you ask questions and modify orders without ever talking to a real human. See it live and rethink the way you order your favorite sandwich (we love a good spicy chicken sandwich here at NeuraFlash) 

Getting Started: Offerings

Are you interested in getting started on your AI journey? Who isn’t? 

AI & Data Cloud Office Hours:

In the dynamic world of artificial intelligence, both Salesforce and AWS present a golden opportunity to fast-track your AI dreams. Dive into a powerhouse 1-1 session, part of our FREE OFFICE HOURS, and discover how to integrate LLMs into Einstein Studio, leverage Einstein 1, AWS Bedrock, and more—all in a swift 30-day sprint.

Check it out here.

AI Readiness Assessment: 

NeuraFlash stands at the forefront of Generative AI, leveraging our established leadership to introduce groundbreaking offerings that revolutionize business landscapes. Anchored by our dedicated Generative AI practice, we launched our exclusive AI Readiness assessment, which serves as the cornerstone for businesses venturing into AI, instilling confidence, enabling scalable growth, and facilitating seamless automation, guided by our seasoned experts.

Explore firsthand the transformative power of our implementations here.

Thank you for joining us in our first AI Monthly Review (and trust us, there's plenty more where that came from, with exclusive updates right here!). Keep an eye out for NeuraFlash’s monthly update, where you'll delve deeper into the practical business applications of AI and uncover how it can revolutionize your operations. Stay tuned!

Contact us today to start on your AI journey.

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