Kelsey Chisholm
May 27, 2022

NeuraFlash Welcomes Michael Thomas, New VP Of Operations

NeuraFlash Welcomes Michael Thomas, New VP Of Operations

We are thrilled to announce that Michael Thomas will be joining our team as our new VP of Operations. Michael brings with him 15+ years of consulting, delivery, customer success and operational experience from top firms, including Accenture and Simplus.

Most recently, Michael acted as a Director of Delivery for Simplus, a leading Salesforce Quote to Cash partner, where he developed and nurtured client relationships, driven by the execution of top-notch results. Prior to his time at Simplus, Michael was the Customer Success Director for Nuxeo, a content management platform software company, where he ensured continued customer growth and retention for the organization. Michael’s impressive experience doesn’t end there! As the Director of Global Operations for Cloud Sherpas, he worked to support their rapid growth and eventual acquisition by Accenture, where he then supported the integration of the two firms and provided oversight to multiple projects.  

As the VP of Operations here at NeuraFlash, Michael will be taking on one of the most hands-on positions, focusing on enabling “growth the right way” by driving efficiency, alignment and process improvements. His plan to roll out better tools and processes will allow for us to monitor and react to key metrics that are important to driving NeuraFlash forward during this time of exponential growth. 

“The NeuraFlash team and I are delighted to have Michael Thomas join the team! He is just one of those people that "gets it", no matter what "it" is. Michael’s seasoned background is quite unparalleled and his sharp skills will be instrumental in helping us drive organizational structures and processes to ensure we are meeting our key objectives. We all feel very fortunate to be his teammate and are excited about the future ahead with Michael aboard!” -Brett Chisholm, CEO & Co-Founder, NeuraFlash.

When asked what he is most excited for, Michael says “The opportunity to be ‘all over the place’ working with a wide variety of people and departments is going to be a great adventure. One minute I might be in the weeds troubleshooting some funky data issues, the next minute I am discussing long-term operational strategies!” 

As NeuraFlash keeps launching towards bigger goals, Michael will be an incredible asset, and with him on board, we are excited to see our team soar!

To get to know Michael on a more personal level, we asked him “What are some facts that people might not know about you?” 

  • He knows how to fly a plane! 
  • He is involved in music production projects for artists we’ve never heard of (...yet!)
  • After years of trying, he still can’t spell necessary without spell check. (But can any of us?!)

Michael is a hard working, results driven powerhouse who knows what it means to ‘talk the talk’ and ‘walk the walk’. His deep knowledge on customer first delivery and team leadership is invigorating and we are thrilled to have him on board. Want to work with Michael? We are hiring! Check out our open positions here.

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