Kelsey Chisholm
Feb 23, 2022

Patching Up Poor Customer Service with Experience Cloud

Patching Up Poor Customer Service with Experience Cloud

Customer experience is the heart of every business, and is more important than ever! You need the right tools in your arsenal to provide the amazing experiences your customers expect. 

Delivering a great service experience is key to your organization’s success.  Simply put, just because you have an amazing product, does not guarantee that customers will come back. When a customer is extremely satisfied, there is a much higher chance that they will be more loyal and recommend your product to others. 

84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.” Salesforce Research, State of the Connected Customer Report

If the customer is not the center of attention, and if you do not focus on the end-to-end customer journey, your business will miss a huge opportunity. By keeping your customers happy AND engaged, your customer satisfaction and retention rates will increase because great experiences reap great rewards...and that is where Experience Cloud can make a difference!

What can Experience Cloud do for your business?

Experience Cloud is the magic touch your brand needs if you want to grow strong relationships, build a resilient business and drive long-term business outcomes.

With Experience Cloud, your business will:

  • Offer seamless self-service for customers that is connected to your business data and processes
  • Allow customers to access quick answers, articles and FAQs on their own
  • Provide AI-powered content recommendations for customers

Don’t just take our word for it! A High Tech customer of NeuraFlash was looking for a single solution that could improve their customer satisfaction and give more time back to their service agents. By  launching Experience Cloud, they can now engage with customers online, providing them with relevant knowledge at the right time. They have truly maximized their investment and have seen an increase in case deflection since saving their customer’s time and making it easier than ever for them to engage with the brand. 

Outcomes we’ve seen:

4x increase in order issues deflection

5% answer rate increase 

What are the benefits of Experience Cloud,  according to our NeuraFlash Experts?

For Customers:

  • Your customers have access to FAQs and articles so they can independently find solutions without contacting support
  • Proactive surfacing of knowledge through suggestions provides your customers with other content that they might be interested in
  • Customers can share their experiences and expertise with other customers 

For Agents:

  • Seamless case collection and routing makes the day to day tasks for agent easier 
  • Remote teams are able to stay connected to further drive engagement and collaboration
  • Agents can easily collect customer feedback across all articles and resources 

For Supervisors: 

  • Your organization has the flexibility to easily create experiences for whatever use case your business demands
  • You can provide customers cross sell options within articles and other resources 
  • This native integration to the Salesforce knowledge base allows for quick and easy deployment

Get the best out of Experience Cloud with NeuraFlash! Whether you are looking to build unique experiences for customers or partners, our experts can create, configure, design and develop your experience in no time. Contact us today!

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