Bailey Ottley
May 20, 2022

Reduce 20% of Costs in your call centers with a HIPAA Compliant Voice Channel

Reduce 20% of Costs in your call centers with a HIPAA Compliant Voice Channel

When HIPAA is a requirement, Service Cloud Voice is a great fit.

Personalized experience is the name of the game. If you’re a customer, you expect it, and if you’re a company, it’s expected of you. Even with the rise of chatbots and digital channels, the voice channel is very much alive! If you are a healthcare organization, you know all about HIPAA and know that HIPAA compliance isn’t just for documents and emails. Now that Service Cloud Voice is now officially HIPAA-compliant you can embed your phone channel directly into the Service Cloud Console to improve your agents' efficiencies by reducing average handle time by decreasing the swivel chair approach. 

Why should you consider Service Cloud Voice? 

We understand that your top priority is making sure that your patient’s data is always safe and secure. Trusted by hundreds of HIPAA compliant companies, Service Cloud Voice can provide your customers with the best experience possible. 

In fact, delivering high-quality, intelligent phone experiences can set your company apart and ensure a consistent experience across all channels. On average, our customers have seen a 30% decrease in average handle time and a 20% increase in agent efficiency, which resulted in an immediate 20% decrease in costs! 

Check out this demo, showing the impact Service Cloud Voice will have on your business:

Some of the top Service Cloud Voice features include:

  • Full omnichannel capabilities
  • 360-degree customer views 
  • Voice transcription
  • Supervisor support and visibility
  • Intuitive recommendations with Einstein AI

With over 40 years of experience, we have a track record of implementing some of the most innovative solutions for healthcare organizations. Contact us today and make sure to join one of our upcoming webinars to learn from our Salesforce experts how Service Cloud Voice can solve your contact center pain points, and improve your agent’s efficiency, all from ONE platform. 

Webinar for Payers and Providers 

Webinar for Med Device and Pharmaceutical Organizations

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