Casie Lemaire
Aug 21, 2020

Salesforce Social Customer Service

Salesforce Social Customer Service

Social Customer Service from Service Cloud and Social Studio

Social media has proven to be one of the fastest, most common and engaging methods of communication and advertising between customers and brands. Now more than ever before, customers are seeking new opportunities and expect to be attended to in a timely manner wherever they are. Social media has increasingly become the most popular outlet for customers to find quick and decisive answers. 

According to this article, in 2019, the average amount of time people spend on social media is around 144 minutes per day. That number is expected to increase exponentially over the course of the next few years as we continue to shift into this digital era. This is where social customer service truly plays a role in guiding customers to have the best experience possible and allows agents to handle multiple inquiries using AI best practices. With this new implementation from Salesforce, the social studio engine is able to classify, discover and route cases directly to Service Cloud.  

How it works

Social studio and social customer service work hand in hand when it comes to providing a quick and automated experience for the customer and for the agent. With the assistance of Salesforce social studio, agents will be able to simultaneously monitor issues while also providing great customer care to their followers on their preferred social platforms. 

Social customer service is routed through omni-channel, but focuses on certain cases. The Social Customer Service Starter pack (which is free) comes with Service Cloud. This allows the user to set up at least two social media accounts to begin with. If you were to send a DM or post on Facebook or Twitter, it would come into Service Cloud as a case. The agent then works off of that case to respond from a social feed. In other words, Social Customer Service does the case creation, but if you don’t have the social studio component, you might get a lot of traffic coming in that might not be linked to an actual case. For example, although it is always great to receive positive feedback from customers like “My coffee was properly brewed or “I loved how fast my order shipped,” you would not want to inundate your console with this. For this reason, Salesforce social studio creates a sentiment analysis that will decrease any unwanted traffic and filter the messages that are only meant to be read as a case. 

Social studio in real-time

Idea behind Social Customer Care 

Social Customer Care serves to make the best of communicative methods via social media. It provides a system that allows you to listen to your customers, allows you to engage with them in an effective manner and route to social customer service. 

Social Customer Service will allow you to deliver personalized service on any social media channel. By combining the power of Service Cloud with Salesforce Social Studio, social customer care requests are sent directly to you and your team. 

Integrating Social Customer Service with CRM 

Since social customer service is an integrated, seamless part of Salesforce Customer 360, it provides you with a clear picture of the customer before responding. This view gives the agent real time access on the channels where the customers are talking. 

How NeuraFlash can help

NeuraFlash is a leader in the Contact Center space. We have expertise and a long history within the voice ecosystem which is one of the many support channels we are well known for. As one of the leading AI partners for Salesforce, social media is another support channel that we are eager to delve in deeper to further assist your customers obtain the best experience they deserve.

To learn more: contact NeuraFlash today at! 

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