Casie Lemaire
Jun 28, 2017

Three Primary Steps to Configure Your System For Best Results

Three Primary Steps to Configure Your System For Best Results

You want to empower your customer service agents with tools and information to help them quickly resolve questions for your customers, so you’ve purchased or are about to purchase Salesforce Service Cloud. Or maybe you’ve deployed Service Cloud with another partner or internally and haven’t achieved your expectations for usability and customer experience.


Help is here! We’ve put together a series of Service Cloud Implementation “Best Practice” articles, which will show you how to optimize your CRM investment and provide your end-users and customers with the best experience possible. First in our series were best practices around System Design and Objectives.


Service Cloud implementation

Second in our “Best Practice” series are the 3 primary steps to configure your system so that you realize the benefits of Service Cloud.

  1. Create and then customize multiple support processes – between different support groups and each channel. This will increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction.Example support processes might look like this:
Service Cloud support processes
  1. Then, automate the support processes by setting up multiple channels to create cases: web to case, email to case, and question to case. Setup auto-response rules to enhance web to case and email to case. For example:
Service Cloud work flow rules
  1. Finally, set up case queues to allow case records to be processed by a support agent and case assignment rules to automatically assign cases to the right queues based on a set of properties. Create case escalation rules to automatically reassign cases to next the level or to a supervisor.
  2. Set up Salesforce console for Service and configure multiple channels including your phone system via CTI / Softphone.
  3. Set up collaboration on cases by setting up case teams and using case feed. Case teams allow users to grant additional access.
  4. Set up reports and dashboards to help measure customer satisfaction and other agent productivity KPI’s.
  5. Identify best practices and enhance existing processes as the system matures.

Need help optimizing your Service Cloud system configuration? Whether you are just starting out with Service Cloud, or want to make sure you’ve got your system set up optimally, NeuraFlash can help your organization configure a system that provides extraordinary experiences for your agents and customers. Give us a call at 1-844-638-7235, or visit our website at

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