Kelsey Chisholm
May 26, 2021

Service Cloud Voice and Voice Bots are Transforming retail brands

Service Cloud Voice and Voice Bots are Transforming retail brands

Service Cloud Voice and Voice Bots are Transforming retail brands 

Imagine being able to virtually test and understand how a product is going to perform within a matter of seconds. How convenient would it be to know exactly how your product is going to work and who to reach out to when there are questions? With the power of Service Cloud Voice and voice bots this can be done. AI can create meaningful conclusions from a large amount of data and help companies develop personalized shopping experiences from highly-structured web shops, intelligent in-store bots and online chatbots. 

So, what is Service Cloud Voice? 

Before we dive into the digital revolution that was brought about by Service Cloud Voice and Voice bots in the retail industry, let’s take a closer look into what Service Cloud Voice is and its functionality. Service Cloud Voice is an intelligent telephony solution natively integrated inside of the Service Cloud console powered by Amazon Connect and Salesforce.

With the game-changing power of Service Cloud Voice, for the very first time all of your customer interaction and CRM data can be stored in one place. When included into your Salesforce console, Omni-channel serves as both the routing engine for voice as well as chat, email and digital engagement. This gives you an entire view of everything that is taking place with the customer: before the call, during the call, and when your customer escalates to a customer care agent. To learn more about service cloud voice, check out our blog here on “Everything you need to know about Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect.” 

Service Cloud Voice allows for real-time voice transcriptions which enable the agent to select and offer next best action recommendations to the customer based on the content of the call. To see this in action, check out this video, featuring our customer, Sonos!  

The future is looking bright for AI 

Over the next few years there is expected to be a significant increase in the involvement of AI in retail brands.  According to Global Market Insights, investments in AI by retail segment will exceed 8 billion dollars by 2024. While AI aims to make the customer experience as seamless as possible, it also takes into consideration that the human aspect of the business should be felt and integrated as well. AI is able to accomplish this and help you attract more buyers by creating a personalized marketing experience. For instance, according to Salesforce, the retail brand Room & Board uses the marketing cloud and applies it to the real world. The database predicts what should be delivered to the consumer based on their behavior. This strategy creates communications and allows AI to reach out based on what the customer is focusing on at the moment. 

What’s even more impressive about this advanced technology is that based on consumer behavior customers are even suggested items that they didn’t even know they needed. This makes the personalized marketing experience even better because your business is always one step ahead. As a result, this establishes a stronger connection with your customers.

AI-powered voice bots allow brands to efficiently engage customers. Brands are able to handle thousands of questions simultaneously without needing too many people. Voice bots can be set up to answer questions, provide shopping suggestions and fast support. When customers get prompt and personalized attention, a path is created for enhanced customer loyalty. Learn more about how bots and AI can take your business to the next level of success! 

A look into our customer, April Cornell

When COVID hit, many industries, including the retail industry had to reimagine how to effectively go to market, and make sure their customers were adequately attended to. 

April Cornell, a lifestyle retailer with a multi-channel presence in E-commerce, retail, and wholesales didn’t fall far from the spectrum of pivoting into the digital space. 

Kelly Cornell, brand strategist at April Cornell, recognized early on that the company wanted to:

Find ways to serve the customer better, and have their contacts, sales history, and our ability to service them be robust, then we were going to give ourselves the leeway essentially to be able to focus on the other parts of the business which also needed attention.

Along came Salesforce and NeuraFlash to help April Cornell best define the system they were looking for.  Check out this webinar replay where you’ll hear from April Cornell as they discuss their digital marketing journey with Salesforce and hear their experiences with Service Cloud and Service Cloud Voice! 

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