Kayleigh May
Nov 14, 2022

Should I use Service Cloud Voice or a CTI Adapter?

What is the difference between Service Cloud Voice and a CTI adapter? It's a difference your customers will notice!
Should I use Service Cloud Voice or a CTI Adapter?

Meet Dave. He recently bought an expensive speaker from NeuraFlash Tech that seems to not be working. He is already irritated, but now, as he shifts through ‘help’ page after ‘help’ page looking for some support regarding his issue, he decides it’s time to call customer service. 

There are two ways this call could go. 

Scenario One:

An agent immediately answers with “Hello Dave, thanks for calling NeuraFlash Tech! I see that you have an account with us and have three devices registered, one of which was delivered two days ago. Did everything arrive safely?” 

Dave, surprised with how much information they already have, responds with, “No. I have been trying to contact you on your support site all morning. The speaker that I ordered last week arrived, but it’s missing some cables or is broken because it only turns on for 2 minutes before powering off again.” 

Agent: “I'm so sorry about that, we have been seeing this issue with some of our model 7 speakers. I will ship you a new one to the address I have here, will you please confirm that it is 17 Hudson Hill Road, Natick MA?” 

Dave: “Yes that’s correct, thank you so much!” 

Agent: “No problem, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Your new speaker should arrive on Tuesday before 3 pm.” 

Or, the call could sound something like Scenario 2.

After waiting on hold, an agent answers with “Hello, thanks for calling NeuraFlash Tech, what can I do for you today?”

Dave, still somewhat frustrated, responds with “Hi. I received a speaker yesterday and it doesn’t work.” The agent then asks for his name, and the email and number that is tied to his order. 

Dave: “It's the number I am calling from now, 508-345-4657 and dave17@gmail.com. My name is Dave Arnold.”

Agent: “Thank you Dave, what issue are you experiencing with your speaker?”

Dave: “I have been trying to contact you. The speaker that I ordered last week arrived, but it’s missing some cables or is broken or something. It only turns on for about 2 minutes before switching off again.” 

Agent: “I am sorry to hear that, what model speaker did you purchase?”

Dave: “Model 7.”

Agent: “Thank you, that’s been noted. I am not aware of why this could be happening. Please give me a few moments while I research this speaker and see if I can find a resolution to your issue. Please hold for a few minutes.”

Agent: “Thank you for holding. We have been seeing this issue with some of our model 7 speakers. You can bring your speaker to the closest best buy to exchange it or I can ship you a new one?”

Dave: “Thanks. A new one being shipped is fine.” 

Agent: “What is the best address for me to send this to?”

Dave: “17 Hudson Hill Road, Natick MA” 

Agent: “Alright give me one more minute to type in and confirm this information.” ... “Okay we should be shipping you a new speaker soon - I am sorry for the inconvenience.” 

Can you tell which agent was using Service Cloud Voice and which one was using a CTI adapter? Who do you think provided Dave with the best service and will most likely receive a high CSAT score?

What is Service Cloud Voice?

Service Cloud Voice, powered by Amazon Connect, enables you to solve phone cases FASTER and SMARTER! As the only native telephony solution to the Salesforce platform, Service Cloud Voice brings together voice conversations, digital channels, and CRM data in real-time. Both agents and customers stand to gain from the efficiencies created by Service Cloud Voice. Customers benefit from seamless channel transition and enhanced resolution time, while agents get the most suitable call based on their skillset and availability. 

Now, not native to the Salesforce platform is a CTI (computer telephony integration) adapter, which brings organization’s phone system features into Salesforce, but has quite a few limitations. 

What are the limitations of a CTI Adapter? 

Sure, Traditional CTI Adapters ‘get the job done’, but they come with severe limitations and productivity blocks, which requires a large amount of customization, maintenance, upgrades, and long-term management for businesses. Although it minimizes agent toggling, it doesn’t allow for a truly blended agent or a top-notch customer service experience like Service Cloud Voice does. 

It’s no secret that companies need to integrate telephony to deliver a complete service experience. The disconnect between call center management and the rest of the service experience has a cost: slower speed of resolution, loss of convenience, and reduced customer satisfaction. But why invest in a CTI Adapter when you can invest in a scalable solution like Service Cloud Voice?

Feature Comparison: Service Cloud Voice vs. CTI Adapter

How Service Cloud Voice, powered by Amazon Connect, wins!

Since Service Cloud Voice is native to the Salesforce platform, case management is simple, leaving less room for error and faster connections. The singular interface provided by Service Cloud Voice is user-friendly and agents can provide faster and more personalized service to customers. 

While on the phone with customers, agents can do all of their note-taking and data inputs in real-time, and coupled with automation, their post-call work is drastically reduced. Managing agents becomes easier as well! Not only can agents work on multiple channels and truly be blended agents, but managers have better visibility and control. With access to real-time information, managers are equipped to make quick decisions, allowing for more proactive service and channel management. Lastly, Service Cloud Voice is the only solution that can provide real-time and historical reporting and analytics natively on the platform. This key contact center insight can be a game changer for businesses who are looking to scale! 

So is it Service Cloud Voice or a CTI Adapter? 

So let’s get back to Dave. After Dave’s experience with NeuraFlash Tech, Scenario 1 was using Service Cloud Voice, while Scenario 2 was using a CTI Adapter. 

With Service Cloud Voice, agents can provide seamless personalization thanks to the holistic view of the customer that the solution offers. The call was also done fast, which turned a negative experience about a speaker breaking into a good experience leaving Dave happy and still loyal to the company and willing to purchase from them again NeuraFlash Tech! 

If your business is considering a new telephony solution, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. See how brands like Sonos and Ocean Network Express saw major decreases in average agent handle time and immediate cost reductions with Service Cloud Voice, and if you are ready, reach out to us today! 

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