Casie Lemaire
Mar 24, 2020

Ten #FlashTips on Working from home from NeuraFlash

Ten #FlashTips on Working from home from NeuraFlash

Ten #FlashTips on Working from home from NeuraFlash

It seems like overnight our world turned upside down. Companies are closing down their physical offices and encouraging all employees to work remotely. Some businesses were already prepared for a “remote” workplace, but many others are having to cope with this new “normal.”  At NeuraFlash we are very fortunate to have already established a remote-friendly  workplace. In fact, about 40+ of our employees are fully remote! 

Whether you are new to working remotely, or looking for some new tips to add to your home office, we asked our team what their BEST tips for working remotely successfully. 

  1. “Maintain a morning routine as if you were to come into the office. This means taking a shower, and wearing clothes that are not too comfortable to the point you want to sleep.”

  1. “It’s important to take breaks throughout the day. This may include going for a walk, doing some stretches, and having your lunch in a place where you are not next to your work station.” 

  1. “Set rules with other people at home involving your work space and time. If you have children, give them something to do so they are not distracting you (the same goes for dogs and new puppies! Fill their favorite toy with a special treat when you have an important meeting so they are properly distracted until you are done). If you live with roommates or a spouse share your schedule with them daily or weekly so they know not to come and interrupt if you are taking a call at a certain time in the day.”

  1. “Play music in the background to fill the silence, if you feel you are able to concentrate. If you prefer music without lyrics there are multiple options on YouTube that is often labeled as “Music for studying” that might be a good alternative. My favorite is energizing music in the morning while I go through my inbox, but soothing jazz when I need to focus.” 

  1. Create a designated work space where you know you can concentrate. Working at a desk would be the better option over a couch. 

  1. Try to maintain regular work hours as if you were in the office.

  1. Make to do lists. It might be helpful to create an agenda for yourself to keep track of your tasks, conference calls, and upcoming projects or ideas for projects. 

  1. Turn on your video! Use the video chat feature on your computer to help feel like you are back in the office rather than at home. 

  1. Leave the house every now and then. This tip may be harder during the current challenges our world is facing today, So if you can’t go outside, try opening a window, play with your pets, light a candle, etc. Try and change the atmosphere of your current environment, it will help you be more productive! 

  1. Check in with other co-workers frequently. It is important that everyone is up to date on what is going on. Even though we can’t be physically present with our coworkers, it is important for them to know that we are there for each other. 

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