Casie Lemaire
Jun 29, 2020

Voice Bot: Adding AI to your Contact Centers

Voice Bot: Adding AI to your Contact Centers

Voice Bot: Adding AI to your Contact Centers 

NeuraFlash is not just an expert in Voice, but an expert in building Voice bots. We understand the functionality as well as the engineering behind AI voice which has undoubtedly made its way into our homes, daily lives and contact centers. 

So, what exactly is a Voice Bot? 

Voice bots are voice-powered user interfaces that can understand natural language and use it to converse with people. To put it best, they are computers that can converse like people. For your business, these bots are a scalable way to interact with your customers and speed up resolutions. If implemented correctly and appropriately, it can solve customer’s problems as fast as possible.

By implementing the voice bot into your business you will begin to see exponential engagement with your customers. Nowadays, as we are getting more accustomed to this digital ecosystem, AI has become fundamental in handling day to day communications. 

Value of a Voice Bot

Implementing the voice bot in your business means that there will no longer be a need to use old IVRs. Voice bots are the application of the latest digital AI capabilities on the voice channel. They are built to bring many benefits and value to your business that can further restructure your ROI. 

The benefits of the voice bot include, but are not limited to, helping automate call volumes, providing personalized user experiences, and collecting information to make agents more efficient. 

AI in your contact centers

How can Voice Bots improve customer support? 

The voice bot is capable of fulfilling the requirements and exceeding the expectations that your customers may be looking for. Here is how the voice bot can assist with customer support within your contact center: 

  1. Scaling up voice operations - A single voice bot platform is capable of engaging with thousands of customers while still being able to give personalized attention to each. You will be able to manage many more customer inquiries than before. 

  1. Reducing transaction times - Your bot will be able to complete repetitive tasks such as booking, cancellations, and order status faster than human agents. 

  1. Adding humanization to your support center - Customer support executives can be trained and given the essential time needed to deliver human connection when it is really needed. 

  1. Giving a Voice to your Self-service - Instead of sifting through FAQ’s online or other web communities, your customer can ask bots their frequently asked questions which can be answered in a matter of minutes!

How can NeuraFlash help you get started with the Voice Bot? 

NeuraFlash’s founding team collectively has over 80 years of experience building bots from the world's largest contact centers to helping small and medium businesses. We are experts in fast, unified, and intelligent telephony which is exactly what service cloud voice will bring this coming month. We understand that some contact centers may not already be prepared for the digital transformation we were headed towards, which is why with our knowledge we can help your business take the next step towards this new rapid, and modern era. Let us know how we can help you get started! 

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