“Flash” your Salesforce Implementation
with the power of Artificial Intelligence

How do you provide the best customer experience at the lowest cost? Yesterday’s customer engagement strategies do not meet the needs of today. We are in a digital age, an age of the customer, an age of artificial intelligence for sales and service. Choose the right solution for your Salesforce Implementation with NeuraFlash experts.

Smart Salesforce Implementation by NeuraFlash

To stay ahead you need to be nimble. This means leveraging the right technology platform for your team and building the most effective solution that meet your business needs without a ton of time and effort. This is exactly what the Worlds’ #1 CRM – Salesforce Success Platform provides. As strong as Salesforce is, it requires an experienced Salesforce implementation partner to help you get the most out of your investment.

NeuraFlash’s delivery methodology starts with discovery and planning sessions.,. We work closely with your team in an iterative process of solution architecture, user experience design, implementation, usability study, quality check and deployment to make sure time to market is fast and quality is high.

Salesforce Customization for Enhanced Productivity

Salesforce is a powerful platform with many features and capabilities needed to support a fully digital and omni-channel contact center. However, the typical deployment requires Salesforce customization. Whether adding digital channels, such as Intelligent Web Chat with Salesforce Live Agent Chat® and Mobile Messaging (SMS and Facebook Messenger) with LiveMessage®, implementing an optimized omni-channel routing strategy, designing an efficient agent desktop with the Salesforce Console, extending self-service with a customer, partner, or employee community, let NeuraFlash be your trusted advisor for a successful Salesforce customization.

Salesforce Integration and Automation with A.I.

Applications that automate human tasks, or at minimum make such tasks easier to accomplish, provide incredible business benefit. The most powerful and advanced applications rely on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. This improves performance over time. NeuraFlash’s A.I. team members are experts in the design, training, implementation, integration and ongoing performance optimization of applications, leveraging platforms like Salesforce Einstein®.