Kelsey Chisholm
Sep 4, 2021

Elevate Your Customer Service Experience by Migrating off of Zendesk and onto Salesforce

Elevate Your Customer Service Experience by Migrating off of Zendesk and onto Salesforce

Make the move from Zendesk to Service Cloud to meet your company’s growing needs!

At every step of the customer journey, consumers rely on the relationships they are building with your company. Successful businesses recognize that in today’s economy, the ability to build and develop strong customer loyalty is essential for long-term success, and having the right CRM to streamline your operations is imperative!

“72% of customers think that self-service support — the option to find answers and resolve issues on their own — is a fast and easy way to resolve problems.” -Salesforce

Every company has encountered some type of difficulty throughout their journey. You most likely  found temporary fixes - such as trading in a kick-start customer service solution for Zendesk, and kept going. For a while, you were able to keep moving forward… except now, your customer service software can’t scale with the emerging needs of your company, and you’ve hit functionality capacity with Zendesk. Now what?! Although Zendesk might be a great option for some, it is a limited tool that has a number of out-of-the-box support processes that are hard to navigate and it lacks a level of customization that businesses like yours need to thrive. The solution? Migrating to Salesforce Service Cloud with the help of NeuraFlash

Salesforce Service Cloud, the #1 platform for customer service, is well liked for many reasons. Service Cloud enables organizations to work with customers to provide excellent service, but how does it work, and how can it help your business? 

To better understand Salesforce Service Cloud, let’s highlight the features that will benefit your agents, customers, and supervisors. 


  • Agents can view all customer data and relevant case information in one location.
  • They have the ability to reroute cases efficiently & effectively. 
  • With Service Cloud, agents can personalize every customer conversation.


  • When customers have questions, your company can be equipped to answer them quickly and easily. 
  • Self-service options allow for customers to tap into the best information about your product, connect with peers, or contact a support agent when needed.
  • Customers can have a seamless experience whether they are on a mobile phone or tablet.



  • Supervisors can access custom dashboards and reports for real-time tracking. 
  • Case routing helps to increase supervisor’s agent productivity. 
  • Service Cloud provides smart collaboration between all team members and departments. 

Service Cloud eliminates those constraints you were having with your old customer service software, accelerating progress to a better run business. Here at NeuraFlash, we help organizations like yours to improve business processes by leveraging cloud technology, so you can focus on the customer!

If you are ready to migrate off of Zendesk, or if you are looking to learn more about why you should be making the move to Service Cloud, contact us today!

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