How Businesses Are Winning with Chatbots and AI

As Chatbots have grown and improved, businesses are using them more and more to provide proactive support and supercharge their customer service experiences!
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How Businesses Are Winning with Chatbots and AI

Einstein Chatbots are transforming the way customers are interacting with your brand!

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is a simple solution businesses can implement to act as a virtual communication touchpoint for customers, where the customer is able to send messages, ask questions and receive FAQs in a digital format. Typically, Chatbots are designed to replicate and facilitate human conversation to positively impact the customer-business relationship. 

There are many different uses for Chatbots, whether it is making sales, generating leads, or providing support. Each type of Bot has a unique purpose and end goal that is subjective based on the needs of the business.

Let’s do a quick review of three common types of Bots you can use to power automation!

Service Bot

Seamless, personalized service experiences!

A Service Bot automates simple tasks and service requests such as:

  • Common FAQs
  • Complaints
  • Order Status
  • Troubleshooting

Customer facing or behind the scenes, this Bot makes service experiences more convenient, conversational and available 24/7 across multiple channels!

Sales Bot

Never lose a lead or miss a customer touchpoint! 

An artificial intelligence Sales Chatbot provides a service your customers and prospects will love. Natural language conversations will help to funnel your audiences and to improve lead generation and conversion rates of potential customers! 

Commerce Bot

Connected End-to-End Commerce Experiences!

A Commerce Bot provides automated digital touch points to help guide your customer through the purchase and support processes. From simple product recommendations, feature descriptions, add to cart, abandoned cart notifications, return policies or order status, this Bot can help you provide seamless & unique experiences powered by AI!

In conclusion, Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing are changing the world of Chatbots by making them even smarter to eliminate those consistent and repetitive tasks agents have to deal with.

Let’s talk about the buzzword ‘Conversational AI’ and the hype surrounding it. 

Conversational AI’ is a buzzword that is sweeping through the ecosystem. But what does it actually mean & how does it play a role with Chatbots? Conversational AI refers to the manner in which you engage your customers, prospects, or partners through an automated engine leveraging AI. 

As technology grows, customers have come to expect fast, easy and personalized experiences. Conversational AI allows for a Chatbot to understand, process and respond to a human question or request in a natural way.  Chatbot designers use Natural Language Processing and anticipatory design to delight customers, meet their needs and keep them engaged!

"In other words, with the dawn of Conversational AI, Bots finally learned to speak human!”

With this technology, Bots can better themselves with minimal effort from agents or other employees, strengthening the customers overall interaction and experience!

Next, let’s address common pain points business are facing in their Contact Centers and how Chatbots can alleviate them

One significant issue Contact Centers face today is the high volume of requests their customer service agents must handle. This creates a bottleneck, causing long wait times for customers and a negative all-around customer service experience. The longer the customer wait time, the worse the customer experience... and as we all know, a good customer experience is key to customer retention! 

Chatbots can address these pain points by giving customers the ability to self-serve without needing to talk to a representative. Additionally, Bots can obtain a comprehensive view of customers so agents can quickly understand their priorities and anticipate their future needs. This automated process makes giving quick and accurate answers much easier for agents.

How can Chatbots and AI take your customer engagement to the next level?

It is important to remember that the purpose of a Bot is not to replace agents. Bots should be implemented to help free up customer support’s time so that they can focus on more complicated and pressing tasks! Bots also help to boost efficiency of the overall Contact Center by putting the customer in touch with the right agent, with the right skill set, at the right time. Efficient redirects to customer questions (or quick case deflections) will better a customer’s overall experience, therefore taking your customer engagement to the next level! 

Here are some other notable improvements Bots have made for our customers:

  • 24/7 customer support. 
  • Reduced costs by increasing efficiency and the number of voice calls that need to be taken. 
  • Increased website conversion rates. 
  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing quick and direct answers.

Why NeuraFlash for your Chatbot implementation?

Here at Neuraflash, we have developed a highly effective process where we can evaluate processes and identify your business needs to drive desired results. Our team of artificial intelligence Chatbot and Salesforce developers will help you take full advantage of NLP-powered Bots, while fully integrating with and implementing it across all digital channels. 

If you are ready to elevate your customer's experience, 

Schedule a demo with us today or Check out our pre-recorded demos for more information!

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