Casie Lemaire
Oct 17, 2019

It only takes an Ember to start a Transformation: NeuraFlash's New Logo

It only takes an Ember to start a Transformation: NeuraFlash's New Logo

It only takes an Ember to start a Transformation

Introducing NeuraFlash’s New Brand Identity

Today, NeuraFlash is excited to launch a new logo as a part of our rebranding initiatives.  So, why change? 

Change is inevitable. We have seen this across our customer’s businesses and consumer behavior. The shift from phone to digital channels in how consumers interact with the brands they love, or how field service operations are shifting from manual processes to sleek mobile and desktop interfaces. The world is continuing to put a modern foot forward on the path of technology. 

As we continue to evolve as a company and as a brand, we want to make sure our brand identity is as innovative as our team. We are staffed with some of the most brilliant experts in the Salesforce ecosystem across AI, einstein bots and chatbots, Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, CPQ and Analytics. We are passionate about helping our customers transform their business and start their Salesforce journey leveraging AI  technology. We designed this new logo to better align with our journey and story.

Introducing the flame.

An evolution of our bolt, while maintaining it at the centerpiece of who we are and paying tribute to where we came from. 

It is innovative, modern and energetic, just like us! 

Why Fire

The symbol, fire, represents inspiration, creation, innovation, and transformation. We are a group of innovative and agile problem solvers who are driven to help customers build AI Salesforce solutions that transform and optimize experiences: employee and customer. 

Why Blue

We selected blue for a few reasons. First, we are a company built on trust and want our customers to have confidence that we are committed to their success. Secondly,  not only is blue fire one of the hottest fires but when a flame is blue, it is one that doesn’t waste energy and takes advantage of all the available potential. Here at NeuraFlash, we are dedicated to helping customers transform their businesses and will use all of our available resources, thought leadership, and best practices effectively and efficiently to deliver a best-in-class Salesforce solution. 

But it’s still us! We’re still NeuraFlash, a trailblazing Salesforce Partner, blazing our own trail to help customers leverage AI/Salesforce Einstein and become a leading thought leader across the Salesforce ecosystem.

Let us help you spark your AI transformation today!

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